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Dave Matthews Band Bluegrass Tribute Album


On April 7th, 2009, CMH Records released a Bluegrass tribute album with all Dave Matthews Band songs, entitled "The Best of Pickin' on Dave Matthews Band". Fourteen tracks selected spanning from songs like "Recently" all the way to "The Space Between". There have been a number of tributes to pop up over the years with this album being the most current, and while there is nothing like the real DMB, this album give an alternate spin to some undeniable DMB classics.

The "Pickin on" series has covered a number of country artists and if you think they were brave enough to take on Dave Matthews Band, they have bluegrass tribute albums featuring Green Day and Led Zeppelin as well.

Bluegrass music dates back to the 1940's with it's unique country sounds with rock and jazz influences. Longtime friends of DMB, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones have been coined to have bluegrass influences fused with jazz.

Jeff Coffin, longtime member of the Flecktones, is now a touring member for the Dave Matthews Band  joining DMB after LeRoi Moore was injured in the summer of 2008 and later passed.

Whether or not Bluegrass is your cup of tea, it is Dave Matthews Band songs performed by a number of talented musicians and for those DMB fans who twitter might find the album cover most intriguing.


Look familiar? Stefan Lessard recently got a new tattoo which he twittered a picture of on April 19th.

Where did he get that idea from? Maybe you should send him a tweet and find out!

Click Here to purchase a copy of this DMB Tribute.