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Dave Matthews Band: Live In New York City and Rio


Dave Matthews Band next official live release will be entitled, "Live In New York City" This show is taken from their performance at Citi Field on July 17th, 2010. DMB performed 2 shows at Citi Field and the parts of the July 16th show will be included on "The Big Apple Bonus Disc", which can be acquired by pre-ordering.

All Musictoday customers will receive a 4-track bonus disc and orders through the Warehouse will receive and 8-track disc. All pre-orders will be taken trough November 5th and will be released on November 9th. Bundle packages are also available with a t-shirt and a copy of the next installment of Live Trax.

Live Trax 19 will also be released on the same day as "Live In NYC" and will be the complete 09.30.08 show from Rio. Brazil received their own release of the show on September 30, but to keep it to 2 discs had 2 key songs cut from their official released. Live Trax 19 will come complete and will be a 3-disc release.

The shows feature various fan favorites along with the few gems. "One Sweet World" features the instrumental intro, which has been dormant for years. The first ever performance of "Blackjack" though it is partial. Monster versions of "Two Step" and "Seek Up" and an improved "good good time intro" before "All Along The Watchtower" A solid released for all fans. And be sure to pre-order to get your hands on the Big Apple Bonus disc which features even more DMB classics.

"Live in Rio" is another outstanding release featuring a very noteworthy performance of "Say Goodbye" featuring Carlos Malta on flute. The setlist was not even by Dave, Rodrigo Simas from the DMB fansite dmbrasil, took part in forming the set for Rio.