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Warehouse Packages and Live Trax 20


Warehouse is preparing to shipped the annual Warehouse 8/5 packages for those members who renewed their membership in 2010.

As always, members who have been in the warehouse for 4 or more years will receive the Warehouse 8 CD with the 3 additional tracks. This year's release contains a few gems.

Lying In The Hands of God 6.6.09  (first time played)

#40 6.21.08

You Never Know 9.25.07

#34 7.9.05 (First time #34 had been played since 03.23.93. This is the longest running return of a song, all-time.)

Write A Song 9.3.10


Kit Kat Jam 8.11.02

A Dream So Real 6.21.08

Christmas Song 12.20.02

Along with the warehouse packages will be the new release of Live Trax 20. Deep from the DMB archives, a classic show performed at the Wetlands Preserve on 08.19.93. Many tracks featuring the great Warren Haynes.

Dave Matthews Band is celebrating their 20th anniversary and all warehouse members who renewed in 2010 will receive this Live Trax 20 FREE!

Even with no tour this year, if you have not renewed your warehouse membership for 2011, we suggest that you do!