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If You Give You Get The World


UPDATE: 07/23/12 - Congrats to Todd & Mike. Winners of this giveaway.

We all have our own reasons for loving this band. Great music, fantastic live shows, and the chance to meet amazing friends top many people's lists, regarding why they listen to the Dave Matthews Band. And then there are the reasons without words, like the chill to the spine that creeps in every time you hear Dave and Tim's version of "Bartender" from "Live at Radio City Music Hall." But also, it just feels good to support a group of musicians who contribute so much to important causes.

DMB is so involved in funding charitable events that they even have their own organization, called the Bama Works Fund, established in 1999. Since it's inception, the fund has given over 14 million dollars to various efforts which include helping children, the disabled, the environment, and various artistic projects in the Charlottesville area.

And that is not all. DMB has also played numerous benefit concerts, too many to mention here, and Dave is on the board of Farm Aid and other organizations aimed at protecting mother Earth, and keeping her green.

Here at DBTP, we know that many of you are like us, in that we don't just wan't to listen to this incendiary music. We want to live it. That's why we are providing this opportunity for fans to enter to win a one of a kind tour poster, all the while, knowing that their contributions will benefit a good cause. In this case, all proceeds will go to the Foundation For Foster Children, an organization aimed at helping children who have been placed in the foster care system due to abuse and neglect.

So here's how it works.

A five dollar donation is required to be entered into the raffle. Five dollars buys you one entry, and if you would like your name to be entered more than once, then you can donate in five dollar increments. So, for example, if you donate $25, your name will be entered five times. On the other hand, if you donate, $6, your name will only be entered once, but you can still feel good about the extra dollar that you gave in the name of helping children. It's a win-win!

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All donations can be made via paypal, through the donate button that is currently on the dbtp website. Any questions or concerns can be directed to

We know that financial times are tough right now, and sometimes it seems that everywhere you turn someone is asking for money. If this isn't feasible for you, that's okay. We still love you! But if you can spare some change, think about what Dave said when he was promoting Green Peace at one of his shows. He said something like, "If there is a heaven, and I'm not saying there is or there isn't, but if there is, (putting in a donation) will get you straight to heaven. After you die. But I think you have to put in more than a dollar. Because if it's only a dollar. Burn baby burn!" So don't burn the day!

Donate today!

Hayley Bauman, Psy.D.