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DMB Live Trax Vol. 1: The Centrum LP: Black


Head over the dmband store today to get a print of the DMB Live Trax Volume 1 in BLACK vinyl. Not to be confused with the Limited 500 Blue Vinyl print that was released in April for Record Store Day. Even though our good friend Perry was successful in acquiring the Blue LP, I was not so much.

For all of you, like myself, that are fans of vinyl and are still mulling over their losses on Record Store Day, you can get yourself a copy of the black print vinyl delivered right to your front door. 

And it will be just that. Live Trax Vol. 1: 12.8.1998 The Centrum, Worcester, MA which is an outstanding show to own, in and of itself will still be a limited edition release and will only be available though the official online store.

What this means is while this will be much easier to obtain than the exclusive blue vinyl, there will still only so many prints made, so you should get to pre-ordering

The 4LP box set of 180 gram black vinyl by itself is priced at 49.99. There are also (as all live trax) bundles available. You can purchase the vinyl with a messenger bag, or by that bag itself. There is also Live Trax turntable slip mat for $12.

Of course if you are still itching to get your hands on that Blue Vinyl, there are options if you want to pay, but this it still a great collectors item to add to any fans collection.