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Under The Table and Dreaming: 20th Anniversary LP


1994 seems like a long time ago, it's not, but hard to believe it's been 20 years since the first time that I first played DMB's "Under the Table and Dreaming" for the first time. What came to me in the mail by accident really, from music club Columbia House, started a obsession for an band that took me to places that I never could have dreamed.

Their first major label produced album, by Steve Lillywhite propelled and already popular band into the grunge / alternative rock era mainstream. Fortunate for them their talent and musicianship, and humble nature, surpassed ego and made them superstars. This is one of many reasons that a multitude of fans love Dave Matthews Band. Just ask a fan who has met a band member. 

Many media resources are reflecting on the 20th year of UTTAD. Billboard breaks down each track and Relix reflect on the album. is reissuing the album for the first time in 180 gram LPs from the flat analog tapes as well as CD format. Both will offer unreleased studio version of "Granny" and acoustic versions of "Dancing Nancies" and "The Song That Jane Likes". 

Per the norm, there are various packages with a t-shirt and even a throw, slip mat, and lyric beads. Fancy.  

Notes from dmband:

Under The Table And Dreaming, DMB's 1994 major label debut, has been newly remastered from the original flat analog tapes and is available on 2 180 gram LPs. The deluxe package includes an eight-page book packed with previously unpublished photographs in a limited, numbered gatefold jacket as well as a download card featuring the album and three unreleased bonus tracks, including the original studio version of live favorite “Granny”and intimate acoustic versions of “Dancing Nancies”and “The Song That Jane Likes.” 

Pre-Orders ship around November 20th, and Released on November 24th.

If you are not a vinyl person I would suggest grabbing a copy of the remastered reissue CD, put on your headphones, and listen to this beauty again like its 1994!