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Pair of 1995 show releases and a never heard before soundcheck


A pair of 1995 shows were announced as official releases yesterday and are definitely worth checking out!

Live Trax 33 comes with a never released or heard before "soundcheck jam" from the the shows at Heartbreak Hotel in Providence, RI. The official show release is 01.31.95, but the second disc contains not only the soundcheck but six songs from the previous night on 01.30.95 (practically the whole show).

You can pre-order this now and even choose from one of the packages with a t-shirt, and you remember Dave's pajama pants..right?...yeah...

the academy

The second 1995 relase comes as the next installment of the DMBLive series and you can download it NOW, and you should. One of few very rare Acoustic sets (and I am not talking DMB2Set acoustic) at The Academy in NYC which about a year later closed. This show was on April 5th, 1995 and  contains the first performance of #40 among many other highlights. This show was broadcasted on the radio with a quite serious Dave asking the audience to keep the noise "to a whisper", so they could hear themselves. Over the year Dave and the band have gone through many changes, but the only thing that has not changed is his quirkiness. 

I imagine playing in a small venue for a small crowd it would be difficult to hear yourself. Very different than the crowds they are in front of today. Speaking of "acoustic", this is what an acoustic set sounds like. Yes, DMB announced another year of 2 sets, but last year they we clear to specify Acoustic/Electric. This year they have put no label on it. Could it mean the same format as last year or could it just mean 2 sets. period. We will soon find out. 

Finally we have these remastered releases to listen to, and you will not be sorry you did. 

If you get the DMBLive with the Pre-Order of the Live Trax 33 you can get yourself and extra 15% of the price of the DMBLive show. 

Happy Listening!