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Come Dance with Me

It was just announced that the Dave Matthews Band will be having a few guests joining them during the summer tour. Beginning with Bela Fleck! Fans will experience the collaboration between the Dave Matthews Band, as we do every time they perform, and when they bring on a guests, it becomes even more special. Some of the performances become classics and end up on our list of favorites. For example, Warren Hayes, Carlos Santana, Willie Nelson, and Victor Wooten. You Tube freezes these moments for us and is worth checking out.

There have been times that we, as audience members, have changed the show. In a way we are guests. Some of us have been part of an audience that serenades Dave and the boys between songs, we have heard Dave respond to people who have shouted out between songs and even seen set lists that have been changed during a show. That's why we love this band so much! We are part of the experience! There is been interviews that  have quoted band members saying how much the audience feedback energizes them during a show . 

Which guest in the past has been your favorite? What song featuring a guest has become a classic ? This year, during the summer tour, we will be treated to guests along the way. We will be looking forward to seeing,  hearing and being part of the experience!

Can't wait!