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I DID IT (we did it)!


It was time. Dbtp needed a face-lift. We have been around now for many years with Chris Urzi at the reigns. He has worked non stop to keep the site up for the fans and intends to keep it going for many more. 

Dbtp asked fans to help us design our updated look. Thank you to those who submitted their ideas.

After reviewing them all, we went with an unconventional choice. However, when it was all said and done we realized that this entire process encompassed the exact spirit of the fans of Dave Matthews Band.

This artwork included the same color scheme the tour announcement had this year - that's what caught our eye at first. It is an original piece by an artist who paints what she hears. She listens to DMB and becomes inspired.

When we informed Elisa Hill, that her work was chosen she surprised us with a request. She asked that instead of giving her the $100 Warehouse gift we promised , she asked if we could donate the money to a charity called FEED My STARVING CHILDREN.

This giving act is exactly what we have taken away as fans of this band! Dave Matthews Band contributes to charities all over the world and now we have followed suit.

What began as a way to spruce up our web page turned into feeding the hungry. We are proud of the new look and to be able to help those in need during the process has been an added bonus!