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Dave Matthews, Tim Reynolds and LeRoi Moore featured on new Sokoband album

UPDATE: 03/15/10

Sokoband recently posted a tweet mentioning that while the songs on thier self titled album "Sokoband" are new to listeners one of the tracks features LeRoi Moore at the age of 27! LeRoi is plays on 3 tracks on the album and Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds are featured on the track "Jiriki". Respectfully the album is dedicated to John Gilmore and LeRoi Moore.

Sokoband's new album is now available via itunes and their official website.

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The Dave Effect

Last Wednesday night countless rock fans did the unthinkable. They sat through hours of televised country music, even if they watched it on mute. What would possess an otherwise twang-averse person to do this? The promise of a duet with Dave Matthews of course. And those who persevered were rewarded with Dave's amazing voice adding depth and emotion to Kenny Chesney's “I'm Alive,” a timely song about gratitude.


I, on the other hand, cheated, and only watched the video of Dave's performance, so what I'm about to say could be totally off, and I trust that you'll tell me if I am. But to me it was incredible to hear such strong applause when Dave walked on stage, and to see the crowd offer a standing ovation when he finished. Did they do that for everyone? Yes, I know, if I had watched the whole show I would know this. But just the fact that a rock musician can elicit such a positive response from a country crowd is astounding. And that's what got me thinking about Dave's undeniably universal appeal. Just what is it about this singer/songwriter that draws admiration from every audience?

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LeRoi's "Luminous" Legacy

Funny the way it is

Not right or wrong

On a soldier's last breath

His baby's being born.


These lyrics from The Dave Matthews Band's recent hit “Funny the Way It Is” poignantly speak to the story I'm about to tell. In this tale of a musician's dream realized, the soldier is LeRoi Moore and the baby is an album he produced for the jazz/pop/folk artist Samantha Farrell. Both DMB's record “Big Whiskey” and Farrell's work “Luminous” were released after LeRoi's death, yet both carry undeniable influences from the great saxophonist. Samantha's soulful recording is now available on Itunes and a part of her proceeds will benefit LeRoi's charity, which among other things, plants trees and gives struggling children an opportunity to learn music.

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Dave Matthews to be featured on Herbie Hancock's Imagine Project

Marcus Miller and Herbie HancockHerbie Hancock is back in the studio working on his "Imagine Project" a new studio album and documentary due for an early 2010 release. Dave Matthews is one of many artists that will be working with Herbie as he records the new album. He is also pairing up with artists such as Chaka Khan, Anoushka Shankar and Tracy Chapman, and Jeff Beck.

Dave Matthews was in the studio with Herbie while they were in San Francisco at the end of August. Carter Beauford joined them in the studio along with Marcus Miller, who will play bass on the track.

Herbie explains that each artist will collaborate on an original composition, mixing languages and musical styles from their respective countries. He describes the project as capturing "peace through global collaboration. "Our same language is our commonality as human beings..."

In recent Billboard interview Hancock discusses his time in the studio with Dave Matthews. While riffing with the Gryphon Veillette (the tiny guitar), Herbie heard something he liked in the instrument and the sound.

"He played the first two chords and not only did it not sound like a Dave Matthews song, it didn't sound like anything I had heard from pop music. I said, "Wait a minute-I'm hearing some kind of gamelan thing." I've been to Bali three times. I found a gamelan sound on the synthesizer. I overdubbed it, and it just worked."

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Dave Matthews featured on Danny Barnes new album: Pizza Box

This past weekend banjo player Danny Barnes shared the stage with Dave Matthews Band. Danny has graced the stage with DMB in the past and was also in studio with the band while they were recording "Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King" and is prominently featured on songs "Spaceman" and "Alligator Pie".

While jamming out a 3-night stand at the Gorge, Danny played on songs like "Bartender" and "The Dreaming Tree" as well as two of his own songs, "Road" and "Caveman" which are planned to be on his new album "Pizza Box" which is scheduled for a October 13th, 2009 release.

Pre-Order now and receive the physical CD plus an exclusive live bonus CD featuring Danny and DMB performing songs from 'Pizza Box' and his guest appearances during their recent set at The Gorge (Bonus CD track listing and artwork to be announced shortly). This CD will not be for sale and is available only as a pre-order exclusive.

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