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Dave Matthews talks about 2011

In a recent interview with, Dave Matthews opened up about taking a break from touring in 2011, something that he had been contemplating for some time, but it was never the "right time".

"I certainly feel an obligation to the people that support the uniqueness of the band's career and have made it...sort of habitual or a moment of quite a few people's summers, it would be, I guess, ungrateful to not say everything. I felt that about everyone me as well, the crew and the band and the people that work with us. I wanted to give everyone a long heads-up."

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Tables Turned Again
As I prepare for my first night out without my 3 month old daughter, I'm contemplating the enormous emotional strength required in the task of letting go. Just the thought of a few hours away from her raises all sorts of unsettling emotions even though I know how important a break can be for my sanity. It's interesting that this is my current mind-set in the wake of the Dave Matthews Band's announcement to take the year off from touring in 2011, but by now I've come to expect these synchronistic occurrences. And I know that I'm not the only one struggling to process the group's latest news.
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