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2000 Road Crew Notes

June 19th, 2000

We're back on the road for another summer tour, kickin' it off tonight in Columbus, Ohio. As the tour progresses we will be adding pictures and sound clips from the shows to this site. One of the coolest things we've been working on lately is the "real-time" set list. During each show, songs played by the band will appear on the set list page as the show goes on. Hope you dig it!

August 7th, 2000

We do love coming to the Gorge. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world to do a show. Our good friend, Mitch Rutman, who has worked on the road with us as part of the catering staff for the past few years is retiring from touring. He also plays a mean guitar so the band asked him to sit in on #41 tonight. It was a great jam. We'll miss him deeply. We're all headed home for a short break and will pick back up on the 19th at Alpine Valley in Troy, WI. See y'all in a couple weeks.

October 6th, 2000

We had a great time on the summer tour. We'll be back in December, see y'all then.

December 1st, 2000

Here we go again, these last two months have gone by very quickly. We're just finishing up our work in the studio. We're all real excited about how this record is turning out and think y'all will dig it as much as we do. Band, crew and equipment are all headed north to Minneapolis for a show on Sunday. We'll be bringing the set list to you live on this site as well as photos and other goodies from the approaching 11 shows. Stay tuned...

December 9th, 2000

It's been an honor to have the Funky Meters opening up the shows this week. Tonight, Dave sat in with them on Iko Iko. We had a pretty mellow show, but the vibe was all there. Tomorrow we've got a day off in Boston. It'll be a good day to get some holiday shopping done. After the shopping's done we're all planning on gathering for a holiday dinner. Should be fun. See y'all Monday at the Fleet Center.

December 14th, 2000

We witnessed another incredible show at Madison Square Garden tonight. Dave and Carter sang a wonderful, impromptu opening to Recently. Warren Haynes sat in again tonight on Cortez The Killer, Exodus and Ants Marching. Through broken strings, frayed bows and shattered drum sticks DMB had a pulse on every body in the building. Hope you got to check it out. See y'all Saturday in Providence.

December 16th, 2000

Tonight we played the Providence Civic Center for the second to last show of the holiday tour. DMB rocked the joint with a solid show from start to end. Dave was suffering from a bit of a cold but it was hard to tell by his performance. He reminded the crowd to stay buttoned up and to drink lots of liquids due to it being the "cold and flu season". After load-out we're making our way through the weather towards Philadelphia for a show tomorrow night.

Decemeber 17th, 2000

We wrapped up our tour tonight at the First Union Center in Philadelphia. Tonight we bid farewell to our good friend and crewmate Richie Maloney who's retiring from the road. We'll miss him greatly. We're all headed home for the holidays and looking forward to releasing the new album sometime in February. Look after each other. We'll see y'all next year.

Peace, Love and Happy Holidays!

December 30th, 2000

Happy New Year!


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