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Good Good Time (Lyrics)

Initially titled "Thing" from the RealTime setlist page during Bonnaroo 2004, later changed to "hmm? (new)" during the start of the Summer 2004 tour then later titled "Good Good Time". This song was played throughout the 2004 tour and resurfaced during the 2006 Caribbean Cruise Getaway.


It's a good, good night tonight
You and me between
We pass around a bottle
Smoke a little spleef

Oh tonight's, tonight's a good night
We go free
Ain't no morrow
Ain't no yesterday
When you're feelin' like we feel
Oh tonight is a good, good time

I say it again, let's-a go
Instead of tonight, it's the good good night, oh
Roll it up, get laid, that's all
We light it on fire, light it on fire
Then pass that thing to me

Oh light, roll up tonight, yeah
And we roll it again
'Cause tonight let's hope (that) a good night starts
Pray that it stay (???)
Pray this don't
Pray this don't
Pray this don't (???)
I'm older, I'm older
But I feel young again

'Cause tonight's the night, the good night
Oh rollin' with me
I roll with your good friends
They don't comes us [???]
When I don't know what to say
So come on back again

Tonight the good, good ride
Let's come on with me
We're gonna have a good, good time
Come along, we'll see
Oh cause tonight's the good time
I'd like to see if my friend
Will come out and join me (please) on this song


Tonight's the night tonight
You and me for free
We roll up, we get down
Empty this bottle with me
Oh 'cause tonight, tonight's a good night
To feel free
Ain't nobody watchin' you
And ain't nobody watchin' me
So baby, like a good dog
Like a good dog do
Come right up and say like
When I don't know what to say then I do

Tonight's a good good night
Come up y'all with me
We'll roll one up, we'll swallow
The rest of the bottle, please
'Cause tonight


Good good time tonight

Don't it sometimes feel
As if the world is turned upside down.
We're all standing on our heads.
Tryin' to make the most of this,
Kinda makes it feel like your heavy.

Don't it sometimes feel like you got too much to bear.
Well let it at the door my friend,
Come inside and let's have a good good
Good good time tonight
Try forget it all
'Cuz it will still be there tomorrow,
You can be sure, it will still be there for us all.

Let's have a good good time tonight
That's what I preach, yeah.
You can leave the problems out
We come back to teach about
The fun I like good good time
Nobody be there by my side
Close your eyes, shake it up, shake it up.
Baby ya look good tonight
It's a good good time tonight, yeah

Stumble self down, fall down,
Scrape your knee, rub it good.
You wake up with your head feels like,
Someone's beatin' on you.
End of story
But overboard, overboard
Just for this evening
Leave it behind, leave it behind,
Let's dance the night away.

Let's have a good good time tonight
Hope ya can if ya will.
Try to leave your tears afterall
Bring 'em in to show everyone
We can get to the bottom of this bottle
We could end of this burning toll
Roll up now, roll it up another one,
And another fall through before.
Let's have a good good time tonight


It's a good good time tonight
It's a good good time tonight
It's a good good time tonight


It's a good good time tonight

Other Working Titles: Thing, Hmm?

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