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I Won't Give it Away (Lyrics)

Introduced in 2006. Only played once on the Dave Matthews and Friends Cruise.

When I was a kid
I put a cigarette out in my hand
I didn't want my friends to see that
I wanted to scream
So I laughed

And I won't give it away
That I'm just so afraid
I won't give it away
No I'd nod my head

The hunger steals the evening
And I just wanna get lost in lost
And it just feeds the fool that I play
Too much is never enough
Just wish I could believe
That god is watching over me
But when I'm dead then I'm dead
Ain't no heaven or hell waitin' for me

Oh, oh, oh when give it all away
Man I'll get so afraid
So I won't give it away
I'll just hide out in my head

All my blessings remain
Uncounted and then
When I started adding them together
What I was counting was gone, gone

I won't give it away
Oh I'm just so afraid
And I won't give it away
I'll kneel with a priest and I'll pray

But I still want you
If you would have me
I still call you my one and only
My one and only

Oh, oh, oh, and I'll give it all away
I hope you get the very best of me
And when I give it all away
You get the good and the
Bad, bad, bad
Bad, bad, bad

I, unreleaseddbtp