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Kind Intentions (Lyrics)

This song was recorded by the band on a demo tape from 91-93. While it has been teased a few times throughout the years, the only other full performance known is from the soundcheck of 2.5.94. The main lyrics contain both the lyrics from the demo recording and the soundcheck.

she said
don't you ever lay
your hands on me again boy
unless you mean it well

i was always so kind
intentions were good
you'll leave me, well

nobody said
hey, where would you be without me
without me
i'd be home alone, yeah

fall way back, oh
drive on way back to me, drive
why notice me here alone
find oh well i do grow again into me
take me home
lie as you may
you go send away

watching roll down back to me, roll
feeling here (dashed) and low
follow me home, why did you go
facing well no one oh sure that I did

why, say
drive away where did they go
faiths been so cold
watch, you know nothing
hey, don't you believe
find your way now
seeing cold end

Other Working Title: #32

K, unreleaseddbtp