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Little Thing (Lyrics)

During the 4.30.96 performance of this song, Dave refers to the common story spoken over the intro as occurring in January of 1996.

This was released as An' Another Thing on Dave's solo release Some Devil with a string background. Current versions are still labeled as "Little Thing," and this isn't moved to defunct because a.) when played on 1.14.04, the official road page labeled it as Little Thing, b.) there was no structural change with the name change, and c.) a post-Some Devil release, Live Trax volume 4 (4.30.96) still had it labeled as "Little Thing." - dmbalmanac


Oh it's in, see
and this darkest of days
I remember the light ones
I remember feeling fine
and tomorrow if I last that long
I'm sure I'll never laugh again
It just seems sometimes
I could rather blow it all away again

So I watch you holy and
and watch this faith
and take for granted every minute
that I raise a smile
or I raise a wrath
raise a wrath.....
no way

It's falling again
falling again
I will endure

Sometimes I feel like a clown
with a smile painted across me
and I look at God and I wonder
oh are You there, for you don't mind blind off
and if You are, why do You start it always

In this way
and play your hand
leaving you wild and rage away
and raise Your hand
I would have followed
and prayed on our knees
My life falling away
God, won't You know better what I......


The Engergizer Bunny.... it just keeps on ticking.Pretty soon a big hammer gonna come out of the sky and land on top of us.

So it's so it's, so it's, it's over, it's over......

Faith in Mary over her
Nursery rhymes echo in my head
and I'm OK.. for now
Oh I'm a clown with my smile waiting Oh
so deep inside it
I'm a pale look
I'm a swear by me
I'm gonna swear by my clown face
Smiles are heavy since
Hate and more words, I'm.. I will better
Much of them bought behind here the tears raining

Oh I feel
I can't trust the TV to tell me
I can't trust the Bible to spell it out
I can't trust a President to line it up
Who's gonna leave it ever now

Pretend that we thought it was a play on me
On it stood a tear holding
Sleeping hard
And you were safe

When we swing on our own
Around to all of them butterflies rear
Why don't we act
The only thing that no one agree
Take it all
leaving me as long as daylight
Don't want no heaven in the air
To leave me old and die

If any things come
the other things end
darkness ends
light days come
and the pain subsides
and the ease sets in
and the life it ends
where the death begins Oh.......


Oh, so cold the way
I've been begging and praying
I bowed before God and His angels
And he said nothing at all to me
I, I pray for this girl to live
I pray for her pain to end,
But a God has deaf ears and hears
Nothing that I hoped he would
Make it all went away
If I could not trust
Take my hope away
if I cannot dream
Take the life
And I'll stay here
and play with myself again

God, well, the way I see it
You've got no time for babies and people
And if there were a devil to sleep with
I'd be by his side right now
I'd sleep in his bed I will, I'd
Build his suite in the fire

Darkness going my, it's going my way, I

love fire, yet I like here I bail overboard

Fall again, Fall again
my receipt, hey by the, by the stream
And all fall again I'm coming
River ever is, God only knows
God turned his back on his flock some time ago

Oh I can't trust this mind
My faith
Dance on my wide eyes are watered
and menace to all this grateful day
falls again by me but

We did fine, yet of mine own is
since you've passed I leave you now

Learn not to martyr yet
I love my God I love got to lead
Your own lone way yeah, lone own way yeah
Then I better mine eye
Raise me to you yeah, build him 'til yeah, oh God
then over again to hope


i live in the crowd of fire
it makes me feel oh
as if i'm alone
and i pout
makes me cold
i'm waiting for someone to fix me
i'm waiting this but everyone
no president could give me the answers
and no god seems to hear my prayer

mother i'm lonely for your touch
and sister won't you take over
i'm waiting for her
but waiting me will see me and discover
and i hear me
waiting lover hands on me
lift me up and i wear
i wear it around
i believe its old
i worry about it

and call its open
me and you oh and we forget
the minutes passed
we just keep on pushing
and well then ask advice to end
and we just keep on pushing
and well awake on me
and as they pull away
awake on my head go in
and me i pull me up
and you and we wonder to me
my head and brother
in there i had
twice in twice out
what you beat you
there for
i leave me and i'll
the numbers to ask to go on

and we make graves
years pass and i say
and all the ways that come
and all the ways that we


So fine, girl
(something) with you above me
Is this the way that you would leave me again?
Wouldn't, oh won't you just stay awhile?
Stay on my head
Wonder, with the weight on my head
(something) oh not better
Oh it's too long gone
It's too long to think of you gone
Days, minutes, minutes, days
Oh no one weight on my head
No one with the weight on my head
So would you go oh
Weight on
I beg you come again
Minutes, minutes, again

Other Working Titles: Transition Breakdown, Common Ground

Evolved Into: An' Another Thing