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Minarets (Lyrics)

This song famously features a live "Scat" intro where Dave scats along to his muted guitar strumming before starting the main riff of the song.

On versions from late 1993 to 1995, Carter would also scat along with Dave in the intro.

Below are notes about the "Slow and Low" intro:

During 1994, Carter interpolated lyrics from a Run-DMC song during the scat. The interpolated song is titled "Slow and Low". Here are the lyrics Carter covers:

"I do not sing, but I make a song
You'll live your whole life, and I hope you'll live long
On the Gong Show we won't get gonged
It's Run-DMC, not Cheech and Chong"

He says it very scattishly and sometimes its hard to make out. He also says, "It's DMB", instead of "Run DMC". After this he continues the scat with Dave, often saying something like, "I'm talkin' about Dave...I'm talkin' about Dave", until the main riff hits.

It is known that Carter started doing it sometime in early 94 (verified on 1.3.94) and stopped doing it sometime in late 94 (verified on 11.14.94). - dmbalmanac


Santa Maria choose your children
Santa Maria virgin child
all our wars over you we are fighting
and all our time faith justifying
Brother caged Babylon will fall
Sister chained and bound, beaten and bleeding
The tv's on, to me this explains it
Wearing a tie like daddy speaks it
Screaming from the minarets
Later on we'll all be dancing
Screaming from the minarets
Yes indeed i'm making faces
Rain on the ground in a space
God has grown
Alone till a man looking glass in his hand
He is holding up to you
What you see
What you see
What you see
What you see is human
Screaming from the minarets

Other Working Title: Screaming from the Minarets