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Once On A Wild Afternoon (Lyrics)

Sometimes called "Destiny," there are only two known performances of this song. It likely came from a soundcheck jam done before the 1992 Van Riper's Festival show.


Hey man, I noticed you were
You were crying
Oh, shame on you
Would leave it inside
My mind open
Your mind you say
No, well no, will I
Hey 'cause yourself all alone you know
You will lie down
Oh, cut yourself away
From all your love
And you will soon lie down
Said my condition leave it way open eyes
I call to you see me whine
See me whine, well
Oh, call to you see me whine
Call you way down
The pain has been riddling me
Oh will I, yeah
Open, I will

I will leave it to destiny
To choose which way I go to
I will leave destiny
To choose which direction it is that I'm going to
My face, open eye, you leave, I mean I
And I will
And we will leave the way
Most men, most men lie
I fear that we will go away
Most men, most men
Leave us crying
Hey, paid up