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One Sweet World (Lyrics)

This is one of Dave's earliest songs and has been played by the full band each and every year since the very beginning.

Originally, the song would traditionally feature an instrumental intro before the main riff that was rarely left out.

Throughout its evolution, Leroi's horn arrangement was modified during the song's recording on "Remember Two Things" and was played as such until the original horn routine was restored when the song was re-worked for the 2004 Summer Tour. This re-working also involved the band dropping the classic "Instrumental intro" to the song. Instead, Dave would lead the song off with the other band members joining in behind him.

A studio recording of Dave playing this song plays during the credits of the 2003 film Go Further. This version was recorded during the Some Devil sessions.

The song also features a live outro dubbed "Swim Naked". During the early years, Dave would scat and elaborate the lyrics, but eventually they settled into the following form:

Don't you love you swim naked
Don't you love you swim naked
Don't you love you swim naked
Cause I do.
- dmbalmanac

Nine planets round the sun
Only one does the sun embrace
Upon this watered one
So much we take for granted
So let us sleep outside tonight
Lay down in our mother's arms
For here we can rest safely

If green should slip to grey
But our hearts still bloody be
And if mountains crumble away
And the river dry Would it stop the stepping feet

Take all that we can get
When it's done
Nobody left to bury here
Nobody left to dig the holes
And here we can rest safely

One sweet world
Around a star is spinning
One sweet world
And in her breath I'm swimming
And here we will rest in peace