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Route 2 (Lyrics)

This song was played once in 1993 completely impromptu due to the fact that the band got lost getting to the venue and showed up late to the gig. As a result, they made up this song on the spot in order to check their sound system. The chord rhythms, vocals, and song structure seems very similar to the song known as 'Proudest Monkey' and so theory has it that 'Proudest Monkey' (which didn't appear until a year later in 1994) is an evolution of this song.

she walks through my head
oh mountains change my way
our walking would have been faster
but mountains got in the way
lotta snow today
got snow today
came to Williams here
play my head won't I
I want to be on in my change, oh
echoing echoing echoing
got me tired again, hey
oh, drive two miles an hour down a mountain trail
don't go any faster, gonna lose my way
can't go any faster, gonna lose my way
oh, riding on the mountain, it's snowing today
come on get up get away
giddyup giddyup go away
giddyup giddyup go away
gonna be late if we don't find our way
hurry, hurry, yeah

oh mustle
oh hustle...


Evolved Into: Proudest Monkey

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