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Sister (1994) (Lyrics)

These lyrics are from 03.08.94 and the only time it was ever played.

See my hand rolling back on rolling
Brother come over summertime all over
So many you get for your head
Pulls me up and got me
Staring that way
I was small you were just a little bit Taller than me
Got me movin'
Oh, used to play in the grass
Used to kick my ass when you could
I remember well

Times we fought and times and
Times we cried
After..ward my see so good

But times they change
Oh, sister she's taken
Father he's swollen away
Sister, she is stolen
And father slips away
Leave just the rest of us here today

And I go cry
By my window that way
And cry
In my memories that way

S, unreleased, defunctdbtp