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Toy Soldiers (Lyrics)

The title was named by fans/tapers and is taken from the last lyrics of the last version of song, on 06.22.96.


they're graceful
and i did
you know a couple of hours a day for nothing
and you now go back but it didnt want you -
and i did
remembering what you said it's one to ten

cause what you don't know
you don't know
that gets you in trouble
and sometimes you know
you don't know how to find your way
no matter what you know that you go
will get you over
if you don't pretend you know what you don't know
you don't know, again
i'm (???)
yea back in your arms
but now i'm lonely yeah backed up again


So a day...
So a day...

I'd like to thank Ben Harper for traveling all over the country with us. I hope you were here ealier to catch Ben Harper. He's a real inspiration to us. And it's nice to see our old friends Freddy Jones Band. Lots of propz to the Innocent Criminals

So you ran
See you there
My, oh close, so
See you there in the corner
You laughed and said
And you sing, "won't you please come up braver than that day"
I pray won't you open me again

Oh so then, in the day
So when we were small
And I'd much space to me
And everyone not importance to me
And daddy he leave me on dead end detail
And sister she stole from me
By the bullets of an angry man
And then my mother stole from me
still I love you
still I've forgiven you

mother begin again

I begin again


So we
Always think of you and me
In a crowd inside such a place
And at the same time,
Sometimes we disgrace ourselves
You move me with your gun
And we're born again
Oh, as I play your game miles from here

Oh, but the bomb from your belly as I recall
Oh, rocket falls fireworks, so I celebrate
Oh, and the rocket to the moon, I celebrate
Oh but the rocket to the city
To the homes that we hold sacred
Oh I condemn thee rocket
To burn your burn in hell
See the way you know why
And it comes time again
And more they're getting to the violence in design
Until I may think I'm leaving with you
And will every (wee thing?) is in here too, here too
Goes away
Oh (pulls us?) away
Boys and toy soldiers
Boys and toy soldiers
Boys and toy soldiers