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Two Step Intro (Lyrics)

Over the years Dave Matthews has opened "Two Step" with various improved lyrics which are almost never duplicated.

Two Step Intros


Say I'm leaving. Right seems wrong. Time we have on this sweet world,
Is oh so miniscule it must be wrong,
You see me, and I see you, yeah,
Wishing always, We might be a thousand years?? But oh that's too long


I believe this time we have is oh so short, but only one thing we all could make the best of this short life.
And leaving it's all alone when death approaches and leaves me, and leaves you, hoping that the best will let them go…


I was dreaming when I was young, oh time it lasted.
Each hour and each day it seemed unending, but now I'm older, these years fly past and oh so quickly.
One day I'm here, tomorrow I'm sure it's all been said, I'll up and disappear…


I remember the time when I was young and dreaming, oh time it seemed long and hours they passed.
And lately it's been, I find that things are quicker.
Each year and ten or twenty fly past as if I'm almost done…


home and waiting
when I was small under the table
and dreaming all these hours, they seem so long and days would last a year
but lately
the time grows short
each minute second
each year a day
and time seems flickering by as if we're almost done


Hey I'm leaving
When I was young...
I won't remember how our ship under the table... away
Ohh lately
The years they fought no time to wander
I find the...
Will rush right by and... once I'm gone


I'm dreaming.
When i was young...
Under the table in my home One night i dreamt that ...
But lately The times have changed...
But each year, each hour, and every day They rush by And they're gone...

I was dreaming. ...
But I was young then Oh how each hour and every day Went so slowly by at one point
But lately I find it's changed To the quite the opposite The time is rushing past so fast I feel I'll soon be gone


I was dreaming.
When I was young Much younger than today Under the table How I'd sit for hours
And dream of what would come
But lately Each year she rushes by so quickly
Leaving me to believe My time here has me ...

I was dreaming that I was young like climbing children
under the table in my home I dreamt 'cause hours they took so long
but lately the time is short the years they fly by
and leave me ohh worried maybe mine is done before I'm through, yeah


say baby
lay down in time
baby we fall
i say babe
with my soul is so hurt
say babe
call my life
come follow me


so we might be
seeing well
hold up when times are prickling through me
maybe the silkiness of life could grow
maybe i think you do and oh we sold


Sing we all, and we all dance,
believing how we're here for more than circumstance
maybe our questions roll,
and all we search for God to answer every roll on


say baby
i'm tired of being
the way that each and all these sins of evil
and maybe if time will miss
we might find ourselves
better off than it seems to be   


oh i leave you
remember this sad quiet moment
when all the love has
saw the parents they're
so proud of what they've done
but lately with them
the thought of night approaching
oh i would leave you to dream
your world and dream this world away


Come again,
In my bed back
and dream of we hope do this again,
remembering how we all so should pray forever.
Is in our grasp up this,
sleep in life, hope never be stoned?


Oh I lean I believe I know your eyes I'm seeing
Once or twice My friends they fall I know your face I swear it's true
But lately it's lifes gone past Or days forgotten Oh man could you ???
or See to give the hand in it

and the way i leave
i swear i thought i knew you now that
you say that we've not but we forgot
i find it hard to be
and leave and we own this pair
that shadowed now you
your eyes and this smile
make me decide the moment i can see


oh i leave
you know we've seen each other
and i know that when you befall
now it's not the first of course you are
so you say in the sins that boxed time on my planet
no my friend, alien go tell will you
we will (?) again


...i know your face
i've seen your eyes, friend
knowing that before this space
spent time together you and i
well, maybe...
but then again, we all familiar
one sister
one brother
all in life we go and play the game...


so i leave
prayed that you would not rememeber
oh and we learned how to
burn them from my heart into you
and we are
we laughed alone and in connection
oh you and i friend
will make like (?) that many more do (?)


Say I leave Oh silent Tears are dried out Souls aching Quietly no ears to listen With you you're smiling crooked
I pray not to you But that we make


And we Time is short when we're together I know it holds no matter what We bless each minute that we're sure And speak Indeed we've come to build me a (?) Shut down like tv Thats you and then we're all again for me


So you need me?
the choice is yours
I will not force you
No one will
ask you
to Go and stay
Is what you want…
No progress
Should we ignore the crowd
should we just
mis farther
faith this the song
there is
deep in
ask them for me


say i'll leave
i know your time is precious to you
i know that why won't you sit
and speak a while with me now
then you on your way and i know (?)
but if you walk in the darkness
with me i musn't do


so, you leave
alright but no (?) they stay
and though i
they all will beg you now forgive me i pray
oh, angel it came to me when i was sleeping
the devil forgot the shame that share for many take (?)

say I will die
fires through this storm
into our world oh
what's so life empty and why must
first light shine down on us
when (?) this first
wave from sea to crash upon our
shores they go over us
i dreamt a dream and wondered where we're from


now forget me that
comes from me of flowers and heavens
of (?) sweetness the voices tell me things i forget
but now (?) i
calling to the dreams of some well
is every kiss that comes
falls time and time again fall


oh i leave it now
remember what you were surrounding
all this dance all knew we
trouble come our souls would not grey
and came in light you
come and rock the flavor this comes
and not seems all too awkward
ride in it and our babes can guess it


Say I'll leave then, Lord I know this place is thirsty.
 I swear the rain will come, I promise you this place will wash away.
So I have built a great boat, the greatest ever.
Climb on my friend, we'll sail the world until this storm has swept away


Do you remember,
Count you this, I promise you will.
Storm like a storm my brothers,
men will come and wash us all away
Oh, maid and I have
Built a boat of huge demensions
For you to march to,
and to dance along the boat,
Til the waters dry      


well i need my
found out in the dream of waves
coming out on this
says the storm that rages bigger than this
and over all that
what will come the waving ocean
but now the boats of million feat
for you and me till sail away


all i need i
mercy sure you have been given
up at will be the storm
so break it will the world find in it now
and only those who
of this boat find themselves lucky
will sail the world
until the storm looks back
and the shore line reappear


Before I leave this, I believe that the storm is approaching, a magnitude of all others.
For this present world has seen such rain so great that I, the little pond will flood all over.
Climb on the boat, oh friend of mine, and we'll sail away

oh i lay out on
on the sea a storm is brewing
and so it seems it is a big wave
that approaches for sure
but look what have i
built a boat as big as you can
and you're invited
so come on this ship
and we will sail away


Say I'm leaving, storm is coming of enormous proportion.
You and I will be swallowed up by swelling seas.
But I have so learned of a man who's built a boat.
You and I could make our way and both survive


Still I need my heart.
All friends of mine, brothers and sisters, Hoping that, in times of trouble I might, lean on them more.
But lately I swear, nightmare dreams are welling in me, This ship is troubled only cause', this ship we're on is sinking

so wait now
the wait is so long standing
oh dreaming
i will fall asleep in a bed of dust i wake in up
oh break me out of
this old tent i've caught myself in
and roll my own out on the floor
i'll dance inside from dusk till dawn


All I've given, tired out and the night is over.
Oh nothing to do, nothing in hours I sit inside the walk.
But a whole world away, don't you see, this destiny, hey, this wonderous girl...
She means the world, we have to save her from ourselves


Oh I lay here all around and what I see is, oh man he goes, I walk away you know the way this goes.
Oh I lay down and wonder still will I survive.
This won't recognize myself for fear that our storm is coming soon…

oh i lay out
don't you rememeber where we came here
so I do all this and we came
to find a way we could live
and all the people
filled this boat with all sorts of
different pairs of beasts and men
to open up the minds tommorows veil


He found his troubles rising this rain is falling it's flowing lakes and rivers and the seas and rain came down now all around the world was floating and watch it all get on my boat or you will surely float away


Oh now late at night
I dreampt I was a king of millions
Oh and I thought it was there
on top of that hill for me then
But slowly I found I
began to see it all quite different
when all was fine and what they all said
'You are out of water'. Heeeey, oh…


oh i lay each
as the peoples hear the echo of life
oh my mind want to
every man serve to the one and wait
oh lay me down
i find myself standing in darkness
only to pray that maybe
later on the light will shine on me


I pray that may the desert here to listen to all this troubled world this troubled time that we have made but all we've found and to end has me convinced that no matter how loud I might scream there is no one up there but me


there they stood...
crowded mound of fifty thousand
all sitting all waiting
rain it fell like oceans coming down
and so like all this
building they all stood together
it began to float up to the stars
and all of them they float away


oh I wait here
many thought this time of terror
and wonder why it is
so I believe and I would walk alone
and all the ways we do our best
to outdo to each other
why not to all that
you and I can do to fix up what's gone wrong

ooh lover
do you recall our time of mourning
when all these sore eyes, black eyes wide
and all you felt was cold as cold
and move away this
not the sun or like the moon
but inbeetween in nowhere
just like dusk id like to settle right alone


oh someone see them
its been so long
i cant remember
when last we met
when last i held you close to me
oh its been so long
but it seems just like it was
yesterday well oh it seems that
oh aint it funny
aint it funny
how the years just slip away


lying down staring up at this stariest of nights in the way back to i know
i've seen truer but maybe just a phase in or maybe that its true that im
smaller than the tiniest of tiny little worlds


so i lay well
tell you this its strange the way its
turned out but oh it cannot count of much at all
but still we do
and faces all too
often to decieve our purpose
leaving our hearts dashed here like dust
a relics all of a different time


oh i lay here
in the night time
dream is coming
i think of all the foolish ways
and how our time is wasted oh
collecting gold and silver piles
to weigh us heavy
pull down your soul
into the floor with gold
take a walk on in the world


oh darling baby oh i seek
your smile is golden
oh maybe you are all the soul
i need to fill this hole in me
and maybe time will tell us both if we are right
but for now promise stay
you give me all of everything entirely


oh i lay away
you in my mind oh i'm screaming
oh just for good and me
will last like the first two sweet lovers be
and thought it was this
only ship just plain and simple
and from their arc
the boat to fill with those tenderness will leave


and to dream up for
crack some time from place to place oh
they do get out but how i watch it slip away
and wonder dream
but dream i do still
playful times that we were happy
well maybe not we could get up
get out start it once again


so i leave you
with a question sweet brasilia
come at night whatever thing we have
whatever makes us one
won't lay back then
love each other well and fully
look after brothers sisters
all we are one boat lately


oh i really need this
coming home is such a pleasure
erasing all these hours and years they pass by
wrinkles cut into
the faces of your friends you've known for years
and as they pass by you wonder is it all a dream
or has it just begun


Oh I'm waiting, time and time again we struggle, what's right in me must mean what's wrong for me is wrong for you as well.
And if only, from this way of thinking see you, I hope each and every one should find that way until we meet again


i'm leaving again
only this, her memory quiet
under my tree under my car under the light
it come along and wondering oh well
what will become of me
what will become of everything here
i toss so near
but i just don't know how they are


Just thinking of how strange it is that we could gather, all half a million strong, shoulder to shoulder crowded up in front.
Still we go always struggle with the time apart, well fear is the mother of all problems, come on, spread the love and joy


Oh now you can see me, walking by the water once, I caught my reflection and the walls of waves, they were rolling by.
I wondered, oh, if I had never seen a mirror, would I know at all that that was me, or some other man screaming


Oh, love you lie there, I was sitting one night alone, well, sat quietly and wondered oh, reflecting on our fallen dreams.
You blamed me again, accused of being someone important, well I know all too well I'm just as good as nothing at all


i'm laying here
staring at my own reflection
as the water rolls by and i am supposed to never end
and dreamed of if what i see and what i'm thinking
this may be more than god'll stick up
to the work on till they're gone


so i lay here
and i wish sometimes i wonder
is it not so good just
whether we believe to take that to you
believing oh that
all these deeds that count among us
just need to lay back for a while
and take control of what you think


oh darling lay down
and the crowd
not comfortable stand
and look above the clouds
they opened up their hands
to let it down
and while i played there came a hand
from skywards raining
all we could say was let it rain
until it wash us all away


oh so it seems that
it's been so long i can't remember
when last we met when last i held you close to me
oh it's been so long
but it seems just like it was
yesterday my love it seems that
oh ain't it funny
ain't it funny how the years just slip away


All some way out of here
Rembering once my reflection
Staring down there at the water
floating by and wondering why i'm there
is that whats the same
all i am in this big picture
just one bitter time,
just one speck of dust and i'm happy to be so


do you remember
when you were small just up to knees oh
how everything seemed so large
oh everything seemed like a wall
but now we suddenly find yourself
small and irritated
just take the time to wonder why
you're not so small now anymore


It's not easy, so this, trying to stay true enough well, words in my head, I tell you true enough, i'm true as I could be, but fall aside this, stumbling down drunken roads, I find myself more and more mistaking myself for someone else

and maybe I wished
only dreaming this big vision
I dreamt the world
but to have to have to from the deserts grow
and though the waters
once did rise they soon diminished
and from (?) did dry
and wondered why this
wetter planet fade away


oh don't look down for
first i had, I needed water
and back then
and from the stream i drank and though
my thirst was quenched
but soon enough
my salt will dry from distant in
i could not speak i had no voice
but stilll i fully tried to sing


i can't believe you were
walking in the beautiful world
come every bird there in the trees
i stare myself and my faith
i wonder how this
it's so strange i came to be here
and roam this place and roam the world
this all to find myself again


Soon away, stood by a river, dry as it could be and wondered where you were and when I once stood, washed the stones so clean, and maybe I was cold, a time when things were better, but how can worlds get warmer then, they always weren't cold enough

and although it's dark here
keep the things just as they've always been
and i like this much more than that
and so i do my best to say
and the way this light won't never change
though make no difference
all we can do is hope the wind
might keep our face that ugly shade


Oh they say I'm fine, all I want is to plan out a silent home where no one knows our private thoughts, and slip away, and maybe there I redefined a quiet promise, not to want a thing while i'm in this, all fucked up, full of many words

oh i drop it off here
it must be this strange strange city
and wondered how it could we all
the smell so far far but still
so far away we still do love
and still we mean to
oh play for me one single note
that everyone will hear this day


I was dreaming of
a far off day far in the future
when every ocean swelled its shores
and swallowed up the dryest place
and deserts all grew wet and cold
no one could stand it oh
and this whole earth was swimming
swim or die for sure you better float


I was dreaming
of a far away time in the future
when all was hard and all the clouds, the sun
the clouds they wouldn't care
and so it rained for
forty days and forty nights,
'til everyone all, the naked...
is crowded up on top the hill


soon it will happen
for the few the breeze here taken
by us my love and said could maybe
spare a minute to steal it
oh no they've all gone
lost my way but i'll soon find it
back then when i get to a
point of no return
i'll be ok


all the rain it grabbed her
hopped around and smell the river
and oceans rose up foot by foot
and day by day they higher came
and so it await us
it began to swallow us up
and rain it did until the waters
rose and swallowed everything


oh i'm playing now
came upon the strangest sight one evening
while walking on my own
shadows fall from the moon above
and there were four men
just like angels stood before me
and music poured from each of them
as no one else had ever seen


oh but i know that God
is the only way to the greater haven
but trust in all these things we have
but still we hide the lying eyes
and don't you think if
god above well watching us now
you beg to think just a little more
then it seems we'll leave God alone   


it's a rain there that
came in cold out from the darkness
and wandered all of us
so idly go along our only ways
but one day while this
what we do now somehow bubble
up from the bottom like the hell
that rode the pourer sent for old


for i waited at
where you asked me how to reach you
i stood for hours
watched the sun come up
and sun go down again
and then i swear there
you walked in as if there's nothing
why would you leave
why would you ask me
why i slept the night with you


Oh ??? I was home(??) and not familiar If someone lost from far away Should float down from up above And see us all like Little monkeys tree to tree We climb and the stones we throw The fires we light Our silly little dreams…


Oh I lay down now Looking up around I know that One thing's for sure The way I see it all Is the only way I see And then I wonder Could we have it all ??? Could we be wrong Could I be wrong And oh and roll up into ???


Oh I wonder now Wandered through my foolish ways And stumbled across some ??? To hide out inside each And everyone And lately I felt As if nothing not to mention Anything at all that surrounds All of us means anything at all

Oh then later I came to a river Too hard to cross And so I gave up and Then laid down and thought of what I'd do While dreaming I saw From above a space man floated Down on to me and questioned So why I could not make head or tails

Oh I came and went there, Wandered along the forgotten highway. Came to a well lit candle burning on an island, Look inside. Walk down all this Streets from top to bottom East to west Found us the place Where everything that's great, Was gone from where i lived.…


So lay back again, hold me back but ??? I ride upon the plastic smile had us convinced that it’s okay, I swear it’s true there’s no big problems, they’re brewing worldside(?), I saw it on the news, it’s all okay, God’s on our side, but what the fuck...

So I lay here
sat alone one quiet evening
thinking about my mothers words
and when the younger days were mine.
when the worlds become too crowded
Some stop think, just stop and think about the things
people do...


Got into the car and drove away from there, and never turned my head, Back to see what it was I left behind that morning, But every once, a dream comes to me and I wonder, Should I return?


And I weigh this all. Wonder why they struggle for me.
Expect it all to know the soul. In this room, the storm.
May they say And now we lay down We drive on, defied beginning.
We'll never end Until our old pleas Are done and gone Are over with

Oh but they'd ask her Remembering mother's words they whispered
If everything's twisting around Then stop and think or move out of here
But sometimes i'm lost In the whirlwind of the words
We forget what peace the quiet brings
Oh let the quiet steal us all

oh i say now this
i woke up from a nightmare so afraid
i had no voice
and whispers came in place of screams
in my of fire
my mother saw me
not a tear fell as she bled there
i beg you oh sweet mother hurt
would you forgive us all our sins


Walking / night ?
I came upon this deep deep river
And slowly by me flowed
And I wonder how long can it be
And maybe that was When I opened up and realized
The most i can do while I'm here now
Is not a thing
Leave it as I found


by a stormy road i took
one look into rain and eyes alive
and fire when burned grows to stone
and so did all the soldiers
pray that maybe god will
watch over them
it's when the battle breaks
that god turns to walk away


All the way back up
in the battlefield of fire
there’s no good guidance
when the bullets fly
fall and fire and dead
but when the home is
struck to bone and through the hotness
that’s when the spirit
fills me now
and let it rain down in my sleep


Soon or later
by the day from every single
thing that I know that I have seen
in time what better way
I found that stuck inside my silly dreams that
their just as real as you make them
I came wise while we sleep


Woke up in my dream, I found myself quite alone
Just empty cars and empty buildings everywhere
No one to share a cigarette or conversation
My God, I'm glad when I woke up the crowded streets were mine alone.


So I lay there
Looking at the streets of nowhere
What it once was and what it is and surely one day
what it will be
Stated all the what i like the most about it
The lights, the laughter, all the people buzzing about
'round and 'round


So I laid it down
on your head and watched it open
I never thought so much could come
from inside such a little one
The weighing down at
lend it heavy hard upon you
and then you spill bread and stone
still lay there right before his hands


So I wait in this room
old man you are a fool there
you’ve been the
voices in your head now
anything as close to true
everything that goes whispering through
your imagination is as real as mushroom clouds in opened air among this highway

Still lonely here
Still standing in this empty room and wondering how I can fill it with that one special love
And alone then I realize no doors are open
I’m locked alone inside this room alone until the day I die


So our weather lately
Heard the lightning poured like nothing
And you came out your screaming voice shook me right beneath the ground
Alone I stood there feeling naked like a brother
For you I hope that I would have you still I don't you know the same

so I was dreaming
I find myself up here standing
before me there 100,000 friends
gathered one and all
and so decided
we could rule it all if we should
dance all the way across
the greatest city in the nether world


oh i fell off
off the top of a jagged mountain
and felt my bones break on the rocks
as i bounced down into the well
then I fall dead
staring up from my broken place
i realized the sun was green
and i, well...must have been dreaming...


Oh the strange part sometimes in a crowded room is...
Things are hard sometimes I find that's way
Sometimes it's oh there, the greatest fear comes out in safety
And then our lost and I will never seems find my way again


Oh the standing here
Not a drink an empty heart
Hope that I'd ever find another person's sympathy again
And so outdated
Seemed I watched a stranger in my home
But I won't be alone
Someone's singing I say


So I'm falling
The storm it seems don't feel the way it
Feel that you should, so good, feel it's what you will
Standing higher, top it watching able hands this
Feels all the flame and all the world the storm that burns day to day

so (on the corner the store??)
the question
nothing to do with or to think
about to do it any more
now come all the cowboys
come in from the desert
thirsty thirsty sin
give me a whiskey
as the last thing i'd want
if i where cast away


it's the way that she is
it's the gold in her eyes, yeah
and the way that you wanted
it got me right away, high
it's the way that you scream,
and the way that you laugh, oh my
come on

come on up to the time in here, love
nothing more than a long time
nothing more than where did it start, yeah take my breathing oh


I'll be out there in a minute
Warm up the car
I've just a couple things to turn off
Doors to lock
And then we'll leave it
Assured ourselves we won't look back
And like all we've got to do
Is get as far from where we are


So I lay asleep dreaming
I lost myself, I wandered day and night
I could not speak, my throat dry and full, the desert had its way
Long I lay there, beg that maybe
I find my way back to you, babe
My way back to you, babe


that's how I fell
I will
wake up to the sound
of you
and I will wake up
to the sound
of you
for now
I am
you did
all that you could
but I still
drank myself down


she says..
i caught it baby
i caught it here
i remember when
i felt afraid of
all of this world has
just a live one
all of this world.. in this
strange place
strange place
everybody was running here


strange place this world (is) to grow up in
its a strange place, it is
no one ever leaves home, no one comes home
with tales of love and adventure

its a..
strange place this world to grow up in
its a strange place this world, it is, it is
but you are a stranger here
yes, you're a stranger here
you are a stranger here
what do you think of... what do you?


strange place this
to grow up in
this strange place this one
to grow up
when nobody leaves so
nobody comes home
with tales of adventure
stories of worlds away
strange place this one
to grow up in ya
it makes you believe all the dreams that we see as real
it makes you believe them
when they're only dreams
in a strange place to
to grow up in
strange place
strange place


strange place
this world
to grow up in
strange place, to grow up in
its a strange world i live
to grow up in
strange place, this world is
you know
if you crack open your head
like an egg
look inside
if you crack open your head and look inside
what will you find there

strange place
to grow up in
if you crack open your head like a nut and look inside
what will you find

if you crack open your head like a nut and look look
better way better way better way better way


strange place
this world is to grow up in

Strange place
to grow up in
if you crack open your head
like a nut and look inside
what will you find?

If you crack open your head
like an egg and look inside
what will you find?

all those times when you felt left out
by those you felt most safe with
most of the time

ask again
if you crack open your head like a nut
and look inside
what will you find?

will you find...
will you find...
the way, you...


So far into my days
More than halfway,
Judging from the way that I am.
I need more
Further along years drive by for me
Now that I sing with them
I wish they could take some more away


Strange place, this One to grow up in
Strange place to grow up in
Nobody ever leaves, nobody ever comes home
Strange world this one, to grow up in
Drive it all away, drive it all away
drive it all away, drive it all away


I came out not knowing what I was walking into
laying blind and cold what I was coming into
but I walked over to her with nothing inside me
knows at all how it goes
but I could still dream, dream, dream.


"Daddy," the baby said.
"Won't you tell me a story that's true? Won't you Daddy?"
My baby said, "Won't you tell me a story that's true, Daddy?"
My baby said, "Won't you? One that's true."
"Well, once upon a time there was a man that love loved, fallen so stare.
No love, so loved that he should die."


My baby said, "Daddy, won't you tell me a story that's true?"
My baby said, she said, she said,
"Daddy, won't you tell me a story I haven't heard,
a true story?"

Oh, what a story I have
that dying was all that we have to look forward to
oh what a story I have for you, baby
oh what a story I've got to tell you, baby, I do


[? Suddenly ?]
I believe somewhere down the hall
I hear someone shouting
[? Suddenly ?]
I can't get my key in the door fast enough
And away from
[? Suddenly ?]
Everyone saw
Open doors
Starring down the hall
When I heard a shout and I was sure
Oh that there was nothing I could do to stop it
All me to throw it all aside
Over and over to keepin' holdin' my life
And we will both leave our [? soul / so ?]
You keep your troubles and I'll keep mine
It'll be alright
Or show it all
This little box of mine
This sky will light
Checkin' out of life
Throw it all in this little box of mine
I wrote a story while waiting


You know better than this - we go
We used to be young and now I'm old
Oh it was our favorite things
To think about our younger days
Remember when I was small
How everyone seemed so much bigger
Oh, how much I looked forward to looking just more like my granddaddy
Funny how standing in one place you wish all the time on the other side
Funny how you so honor every [? savor while ?]
so we pray


A little boy
Broken arm
He used to dream that he could fly
So real, his dreams were
one day he jumped from the top of the stairs
so while, for a little while he floated there
with his arms wide as the sky falling
then the ground pulled him
he crashed down, oh
the little boy used to dream
that he could fly over the waters
and dreamed big, so real
one day he woke up and jumped down
and as he fell
his wings were spread out long as wide as the sky ordinarily you wouldn't believe a dream
[? that you were having ?]


Oh little boy, broken bones...
Used to dream that he could fly, dreams so real
He believed and jumped from the top of the stairs..
For a moment he was there...
arms as wide as the sky
then of course pulled him down he came
crash landing on the ground
little boy broken bones
used to dream that he could fly
believed it so one day he jumped from the top of the stairs for a moment there he was arms spread wide
as the sky but...
soon enough pulled him down..
yea crashing away...


I see the sadness
But this I see this
And this deep dark suffering I see
I will learn to love
I see this endless
Weeping and bleeding I watch it.
I see it all but I will
I will learn to love it
I see this weeping
I see this tear filled ocean
And I see this unstoppable anguish
And I see the crying
I see you my dear
I see you there weeping
And I tell you this and I will learn to love you
I will learn to love everyone


Sometimes I find
or I wonder what's going on
hold my eyes up to the heavens
hope for answers
sometimes I find
oh, how I wish I knew what's going on
sometimes I find
I look to the heavens for answers
won't you please, daddy
tell me a story that's true and
make it hopeful
make me believe in things wiser daddy
won't you raise your hands to the heavens
point them skyward
gone, gone, gone away


We started out
Sweetest rose or flowers blooming
Rose all that I saw was light
And everything seemed like so bright
But as I grew and as the years went by
Oh the soul's darkness would show its eyes
Made me feel still as though
The light stuff is much worth fighting for
There are times when I'm alone
I'm underneath the blankess of sadness
And all I want is to see you smile
My baby or my lovely one
And so I raise my eyes up to the heavens
Are you wonder?
Take your time Lord
But let us [? all serene oh yeah yeah ?]


There's nothing that I can think of
that I would rather be sure of
than being watched over by heavenly wonder
there's nothing more I would love to believe
invisible ancient mind was looking upon us
worried about how I was feeling and
whether my day was alright
really? do you really? believe it's certain?


climbing out of a hole that's dark
sliding back down, and I wish
if only I'd thought a little
built steps climbing out of this hole
holed up on top of the mountain
see cliffs running down the sides of her
only wish before I got on top of here
that I wondered how I was going to get down
won't you find a way to get you out of here
trying to find a way to another place
always hear, oh, grass is so green
everywhere but where you're standing
maybe if you look at the world
from a different side than the one you're standing on
you could better measure
all the blessings you have been given
brothers, sisters, oh yeah yeah yeah


Strange place this one is
To grow up in
A strange place it is
To grow old
"Oh my daddy," she said
"Won't you tell me a story
That's true and you know it could
It happened to you"
She said, "Daddy won't you please tell me a story Make sure it's true
Oh daddy make sure it is
and you could be sure because
You know it happened to you"
It's a strange place this one is
You know, to grow up in
A strange, strange place it is
For someone to grow old
If I crack open my head like a nut
And look inside what will I find?
Nothing but hope in God's old hands
Leave it up
Strange place this one is
Strange place this one is
Strange place this one is
Holy water raining


Somehow, I head up to the clouds
Hoping God
Is watching us
Then a force
Will bring some
Wind, rose up and took my feet off
Wondering why
Above the clouds
Among the stars
Where is heaven lost?
Or behind the moon
Somewhere there
Is there really room
For [? one/old ?] God to stare down
[? in a fancy robe ?]
Seems to me the idea that
He would be paying attention to us
Kinda diminishes the whole idea
Of God in the first place
Oh, what if we were just a small
Mosquito dream lying among them all
Pretend a blade of grass is just as tall
[? The greatest so why does he work/worry for it?]


I remember when I was small and in the car,
coming in, my old man watching ball,
and when the day gone,
thought that he was super hero, oh he was so,
and so it goes, he grew old,
face, shoulders, bent forward, bow down,
weight upon this, shoulders broke, too large,
for him to bare it anymore,
he moved on
Mother, she cried, she cried,
and she learned to hide it down inside,
oh baby, oh babies, oh babies,
oh, he won't be there


don't talk about don't talk
don't speak don't speek
gonna keep your mouth shut
gonna keep your secrets
don't talk don't talk
don't speak don't speak
keep your secrets deep inside
don't talk don't talk
don't speak don't speak
keep your secrets deep inside
don't talk don't talk
don't speak don't speak
keep your secrets deep inside
oh the world falling down
I'm falling down
can't stop don't speak the truth to
the world's seems to fall apart
don't speak out loud the truth be told
world falling apart
in hands of those who talk on...i'll be half off...
don't trust your future to the hands of those who changed it for their gain


its oh, its oh, it's ok
all the rain came in
started in the basement
eventually floated into the kitchen
oh I, upstairs we may sit, she sang
then all in to the attic room, so
inside all the rain began to screaming
the sun went out but the water kept rising in
hot day, I remember well
salt, sweat, and the smell of everything
wished, holding to the bone
but outside the lights all made me want to scream and cry
will someone hear me there
surely soon enough a policeman will break in
save me, save us, save us all, the water rise
and i won't...the rain, yeah


This water rise
leading, leading
so what will you do when the
water rise up coming
break your, holding
hide out, can't win

What do you do when the water
flowing into you
hide up, climb up
and hope you find someone to rescue

Two by two you will climb
upon this boat that you're dreaming of
two by two
don't get fooled


Hope slaps on over
rising to me, hope on so
my feet will no longer reach the floor
my home the water rising up the floor
the flood is come soon my feet will no longer touch the floor in my home
oh didn't I believe it the rain in the sea would work on the side to raise up the water


So much war
So much trouble in the world
We seem to hide our head to trouble
Oh so what, someone will more qualified than us Work out from those and we be ok
Oh I tell myself maybe it just look that way
I beg myself maybe if just turn my head away
Someone will work it out
Make all the problems disappear
But I fear unless we stand up
They're only going to grow up yea


Just when you think everything has worked out
Just when you think, the chances are
Just when you think, you are under control
Just when you think, then the storm rolls in
Just when you think, your lovely home
Just when you think you're safe here
Just when you think nothing can go wrong
Funny, all falls apart
Just when you think it's okay
Just when you trust, turn the other way
Knife slips in your back
Soon enough, you're found dying
Oh, love, just when you think
Everything's under your hat now
All gone, you didn't know
Where there became from


Just a moment
From one minute to next oh
Swung out, flipped around, told myself a thousand times
Just a moment
Feelin' so alive, wishing I was gone...
Just a moment
Only that's what it took to turn it all upside--round and round
All day, thinking you know whats going on in here
I've grown more sure than ever, we got nothin' on whats said
We only hope that maybe we can make the sounds of what we [?love/have]
Tryin' to tell you whether it's gonna rain or not is like tryin' to tell you


"So," Baby said, "Won't you please tell me a story?
Tell me one that's true that I can believe in,
Daddy, wont you please tell me a story?
Oh, that you know sure as the stars are real,
Daddy, won't you please tell me one
That I can believe in like heaven?"
"No," He said.
"Is there one you can be sure happened?"
"Oh, Daddy, won't you give me the whole [?on me?]"


trying to make sense
trying to find a reason yeah
like trying to build a ladder
up to the room
try to find
try to understand
try to get a hand on the door well
I tried to build a mountain
so we climbed to the stars I
won't you please daddy
tell me a story that's real about
how the world came to be
so right side upside down
won't you please tell me a story that's true please daddy maybe she said build on you I will I will


so war
so war
so war
we justify
so why
so tears
so we suffer
so we justify
so strangers
for we can justify
what if water wash us mix up
[?it's all light?]
she said please daddy
won't you tell me something that's true
so I can begin to believe
something more than...


We started
the sun was up, a beautiful morning
we started
oh how i, how I much I
we started
such a..such a beautiful morning

oh baby now
baby now
it will brighten up again

She said wont you please tell me a story daddy
that I can believe
something to hold
something of faith
that will build inside of me

oh daddy won't you please
won't you please tell me a story
make me merry
way yeah


Well, so,
The first time I saw you,
Try to keep my mind,
So long, stare out,
Try to keep as though I don't really [?start it?]
Then you sank my heart in
Seems to freeze inside me,
I wanna scream,
But I'm as dumb as can be,
Then you speak, swear,
Smell like love should in there,
Sweet, swell,
Kiss your finger,
You make the world want to freeze,
And make me look by you, every moment I do,
I want to light up a cross,
And bear it in my mind,
Wait, stay this one time


but I
leaned too far
[?and it's all down?]
trying to see what was believed
and what pulled me up there now
I didn't mean
soon as I land
blew out lost it
little boy falling down
blew here myself from the bottom
what is this she said
daddy tell me a story
of something that's real that I could hold on something make me [?live on?]


Oh, oh
Little girl, little love of mine,
Apple of me eye,
I won't go too long,
Baby, don't you cry,
I tell you how I think of you,
Lakes wide and mountains high,
Don't cry baby, don't cry,
I'll be home soon,
She said, Daddy, won't you tell me a story,
Oh, and make me smile when you're gone,
Make me know that you'll come home soon,
Daddy, won't you please tell me a story
That's true enough,
So I can believe,
That when you're gone,
I know your going to come home


Don't you worry, baby
Cause I'll be home before you even notice that I'm gone
Don't worry, baby
Cause I'll be home before you even notice that I'm gone
She said, won't you please
Tell me a story that I can believe, Daddy
So when you're gone I know that you'll come home
She said, won't you please, Daddy
Tell me a story so I can feel safe at night
Until you come home, Daddy
Make me feel okay, Daddy, please, won't you
But I'll be home
Before you even notice that I'm gone


So my, my baby why
Don't cry, baby, why
Don't cry, baby
I'll be back before you really even notice that I'm gone
Come on, baby, won't you, don't cry
Baby, won't you believe I'll be back before you really even notice that I'm gone
Daddy, she said
Won't you please tell me a story
That will make me believe that when you're gone
You're gonna come home for sure
Daddy, won't you please tell me a story
That make me believe for sure that when you're gone
You're gonna come home to me
I will believe, I will believe
I will believe you, Daddy
I will believe, I will believe
I will believe you when you're gone


Don't you worry, Baby,
Don't you worry, my Love,
I'll be home before you really get
The chance even to miss me,
Don't worry, Baby,
'Cause I'm coming home before you
Even before you even get a chance
To really miss me when I'm gone
Daddy, She said,
Won't you tell me a story I can believe,
Give me a way, when you're gone,
To know for sure you're coming home,
Daddy, while you're gone,
Keep your head down, I love you,
Don't be too brave,
Don't be a fool,
I want you home as soon as I do,
Daddy, I know you say,
I should not worry, but still think,
Don't you be too brave,
Daddy, come home


old friend
how I would treat you so recklessly
old friends
how we lean on you well at least leave me to
old friends oh
how I would love to stretch this
old friend
why do I treat you so recklessly
when I believe everything keep
the only ones that matter that love you and me
the only once leave
the only one leave
and the only ones matter the one that you love
old friend
you are
old friends
you stare
old friend
oh I as long as ones years troubling


She said
won't you please
tell me a story daddy
and make me believe
you'll be home when your gone
daddy she said
won't you please tell me a story
make me feel strong while your gone
so...many ways... you come home
she said daddy she said
won't you please tell me a story
make me feel strong and brave all night and lonely days
I said baby baby, baby baby, baby baby baby
I'll be home soon and we will leave it
notice when I'm gone if you think you do
baby baby, baby baby
I said don't you worry
i'll be home soon
keep my head down...


Oh baby don't you cry
I will build you the mountains high
I will unscrew stars, and bring the moon to you my lovely baby
won't you don't you cry
lovely baby look in my eye
I will be gone i'll return
I'll stay from home a way and belong to you
I think of you everyday
think how you blow and come my way
I'll be home don't you worry baby
I will come home and you can hold me
daddy she said
won't you please tell me a story
then make it great
why you gone
I sing that song
and sing to me
I will be okay
and hurry home
why do you have to go daddy
I need you see me alone
I will
love you


Soldier baby
She said oh come on Daddy
Don't you go
Don't you leave me
Won't you stay
Won't please
Soldier's baby
She said Daddy don't you go
Won't you please stay
Won't you please
Say you will here with me
I know only my love
I know only you baby
And I would stay
I will stay
I'll be in your heart and in your head
Every moment that I'm gone from your finger tips Remember I'll be beating inside of you


She said, oh daddy,
Won't you please tell me how the end of the world will come?
Oh, daddy, what will the end of the world look like?
Daddy, won't you tell me please,
Give me colors, give me sounds of end of the world, Wont you tell me, daddy, Will there be laughter on top of the crying?
The end of the world,
Tell me, daddy,
Won't you please give me love?
Won't you please give me answers?
Won't you tell me the truth, no matter how unpleasant it might seem?
Father, bring it, the light on me,
Whether it shines, only yours,
Lovely, the truth, may
So give it up to me, yeah


Oh say, see love?
my little baby
oh no, I got to go
she said "Daddy, won't you stay for one maybe two
won't you stay forever?"
she said "Daddy, don't go."
She said "Daddy, stay forever with me."
I said "Oh baby, I got to go. But you know I'll always live inside you.
You know that, you'll be in... I will forever remain don't you know.
Ever need me just close your eyes, I'll be alive inside you."
Oh she said "Daddy, oh I know about the smell and the smile of you.
But what about the way you make me... swing me around and away I say"


She said, "Daddy, wouldn't you tell me a story that I can believe
when I'm grown everything will be okay
Daddy, tell me a story that. that I can believe
the world will be right side oh, but not offside down and I'm all grown up
Daddy wouldn't you please tell me a story that make me believe
something more of what I see, something more of what is happening
Daddy won't you give me a reason that make me hopeful
that when I'm grown there'll be something more left here for us all


So I’ll lay here, all alone
And what if the heavens opened above
And I’ll lay here and I’ll pray for...
And I will always pray, oh...

God won't forsake his son
God will remember all those
Don’t forget for the others
Remember the names
Make Him listen
Find their sisters and brothers
So what if God did
Why, we’ve gotta get it right, don’t forget
Fill my head with emptiness
Fill my head with nothing
Til I can’t fit nothing more
Fill my head with nothingness
I’m coming out of this like a drunk man comes out...


I said, oh I did
All the weight, is dry and all,
Would you go leave to bring me water,
And leave you right alone,
All of these days,
All the weight and drown my sorrow,
But, better now than not at all
The senses to come upon,
I would live on if i could do something more for you, I would dream back on what I've done,
And I'd leave it all alone,
Always, I would,
Always, I'd give,
Always, I would,
And I would
Yeah, yeah...


What could be much for this
we can grow find out if we can, fuck that
Never been much for trying to prove myself.
know we will work me out
But never have been
much one for
trying to impress all those critics
Or all those cool people
down here twisted with this, oh
I have the word for them both.
come out of your game, fool
I will stay up in my tree for today
not coming down to play your game
I will stay up in my tree today
I'm not coming down to play in your game
You can look up and laugh.
oh, look at that ass
He ain't got nothin' goin on'
But I tell you, look at that ass
'Cause he's 'bout to
throw down all this shit on you


I don't know what I'm doing
Standing up on top of this hill
Looking down and wondering
Why not just walk in and
Turn around and beg the world off
Look up and think of us
And everyone was above
Is now right next to me

And over that hill there grows
The one with all the
The wonder in your eyes
When you think about heaven
And oh no god surprise
Looking upon me
And I won't look at love
Over this oh

She said "Daddy won't you please
Not leave me here waiting for you
To come back for me?
Say Daddy won't you please
Make your way home
Tell them you can't make it
And you stay and want more"

And I'm growin' tired
And I'm weary
I do not want to play this game for much longer
And then I hold on
And look at them there
And everyone's hoping that I come on back

Intro, T, alternate lyrics, crashdbtp