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Weight of The World (Lyrics)

This song debuted in the 1996 Dave and Tim tour, during which it was known as "Weight of the World", as it referred to by fans based on the lyrics of the first version ever played. This song would later evolve into "Leave Me Praying".


here the sun rise
and out the rising ocean
oh from mommies and precedents
comes life forming
from womb and from baby's smile
come nothing but innocence
from god and from ideals
come nothing by trouble

so maybe I should just be hopeful
maybe the darkest hour is yet to come


from the child I learned
laugh at everything
from a child I learned
to smile at a friend going
from a child I learned
to stare (at her waist?)
and weigh in all that (creation? makes)
and wait I would as
the nothing begin to fall away
from then I would (at last on?)
be the child


and now from my mother
perched me in her arms
and showed me the world
she walked past it all
oh I see and I remember
staring over her shoulder

The mother is the one that I
open my heart to
My mother is the one that I should
give all my love to

Mother rain on then
wait in the light
that child should break away

The weight of the world
a child smiling
The weight of the world
is of a child's
the weight of the world is
of a child's smile

it's in a child's smile...

..then drawing..

this land is your land
this land is my land
from california to the new york island
from the redwood forest
to the gulf stream water
this land was made for you and me

the weight of the world
beyond is raining


So they wrote,
On precedents and angels,
We build a book,
We build a road out of nothing but a saying,
On governments and beliefs we build a book
Of how the things we know should be

So when a man comes with a difference
A woman comes with an idea
We crush it down to nothing in the fear that we will lose it
Open up the books
I'm guilty of it, too
Just like all of us
The information flies without us through

And say the way
This may now leave my head run over
And pass through a night so black I can't see you, oh

Hope from the speeches spoken in,
Hope from the speeches made day in, day out
With money paid,
And advertising raging,
A woman and a child sleep well as the day ends
Raising me up,
Raising me like a man, oh,

Oh mother everything good I've gained I've gained from you,
Oh and mother everything I know I've learned from you, oh,

But it rains in the house so no one sees theres (a money trail?)
Oh, so we brothers and sisters upheave it

I read a book of a man most worshipped,
A man who most worshipped,
For ideas and for the birth of freedom he showed
Well, in, oh, in twenty years
He begged the revolutions come
So that no pig headed bastard would steal you and

From rain in the eyes,
Rain in the mourning eye,
Oh, rain in the love of my mother and my brothers,
And I would hear the voices of the women calling loudly that it's alright
alright, holding,
And nothing should address this like our love for each other...

This land is your land,
This land is my land,
From California to the New York Islands,
From the redwood forest,
To the Gulf Stream waters,
This land belongs to you and me,

Rain in the eye that we should lead it,
Now no brother that I have and (no don't go away?)
And rain the eyes that we should lead it...

Evolved Into: Leave Me Praying

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