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Nature (Samples Cover) (Lyrics)

The song "Nature" is a Samples cover, released for the first time in May of 1989 as the last track on their self-titled album. Dave used to sing some lyrics from "Nature" before Tripping Billies overtop of some chords based around Tripping Billies. For this reason, this intro is known as the "Nature intro" even though it is instrumental now and therefore has no connection to the Samples song.

When the intro is listed as a separate song, it refers to an extended Nature intro whose music is still based around Tripping Billies but which has lyrics from the Samples song.


Nature all around me
Nature, hope it finds me
What you wanna be
Come along with me

Nature all around us
Nature come invite
Watchin' all the trees
Watchin' the sky
Watchin' ? ? ?
No one reason why


Nature's all around me...

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