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Blackjack (Lyrics)

ong from the "Stand Up" sessions. Debuted in 2010 and has been played on various occasions since. There are no official lyrics for this song and parts have been sketchy due to Dave's scatting. The chorus has primarily stayed consistent through-out each performance. 

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Trouble With You (Lyrics)
Recorded during the Stand Up studio sessions and scrapped from the final album cut. However, it was added on Bonus Companion CD as a B-Side. It can assumed that the song was a late cut from the album because the promotional copies sent to Australia promote the Spring tour there have it in the place of Hello Again on the album after Out of My Hands, and before Louisiana Bayou, giving the latter an extra few notes in the intro as the "segue" from Hello Again is no longer there. Before the album was officially released, Trouble With You was removed and added to the bonus disc, a truncated version of Hello Again was put in it's place.
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