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Big Eyed Fish (Lyrics)
Also known as "One Eyed Fish" this is one of the few songs to have been teased in concert before it was fully played. Having been recorded in the Lillywhite Studio Sessions, Big Eyed Fish was released through a demo leak and became incredibly popular with fans. Known to have been soundchecked in 2000, fans knew the song had a high potential to be played in 2001 and drew up signs for it early on on the 2001 summer tour. And as the teases foreshadowed, the song made its debut in the encore of 5.14.01 as "Fish Monkey Man" on the 2001 Summer Tour. It quickly developed into the band's showpiece as classic 1-2 combo with Bartender featuring Roi on the Pennywhistle bridge. Since then, it has only been played full band a few times without preceding Bartender. When it is played into Bartender, song time ends as soon as Boyd's droning intro becomes the most prominent thing you hear. - dmbalmanac
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Captain (Lyrics)
During the Lillywhite Recording Sessions, word got out that the song Crazy had been reworked in the studio. However, the song didn't turn up in the 2000 Summer Tour along side all the other Lillywhite songs up for roadtesting. After the demo of the studio sessions was leaked out to the public in the spring of 2001, the song finally surfaced in the following Summer 2001 tour, first as a tease, then as a Dave Solo feature. It was finally released on "Busted Stuff" with slightly reworked lyrics and played live with the full band for the first time on the day of the album release.
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Digging A Ditch (Lyrics)
This song debuted on the '99 Dave and Tim tour as a solemn number to become the 2nd most played encore song for that tour. It was finally reworked in the Lillywhite Studio sessions to contain more instrumental parts for the full band. During the live roadtesting of the Summer 2000 tour. This song was later released on "Busted Stuff".
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Grace Is Gone (Lyrics)
This country-esque song was written during the "Lillywhite" studio sessions and was one of the later new songs to appear in the 2000 as the #1 most played encore song of the 2000 Summer Tour. Since then it has been played more and more and has evolved an extended jam outro.
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