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#27 (mp3)

#27 was first played at the Dave & Tim show on July 28th, 2007. The meaning of the name was revealed when Stefan said in an interview on Sirius satellite radio that this is the twenty-seventh song from the latest batch of songs the band has been working on. It's unclear when exactly Dave started numbering his songs again, but it was certainly no earlier than the Stand Up sessions. On the 2010 Europe tour, the official setlist page began listing the song as "#27 (Arms of a Women)" after Dave introduced the song by the subtitle. The song has also been referred to as “I Hope You’ll Be By Me Then”. This song was later recorded during the “Big Whiskey” sessions and released as part of the bonus EP included in the “Big Whiskey Deluxe Box Set”.


(2007-07-28)  (4.6M) - First time Played. Dave & Tim

(2007-08-01)  (8.6M) - First time played full band

(2007-08-04)  (10.5M)

(2007-08-10)  (11.5M)

(2007-08-17)  (10.3M)

(2007-09-28)  (10.9M)

(2007-11-14)  (10.5M)

(2013-07-20) (8.1M)