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All Along The Watchtower (mp3)


(1994-08-24) with Warren Haynes (6.7M)

(1994-10-05) (8.6M) - with Stairway to Heaven

(1996-10-06) (11.3M) - Dave gets hit on the guitar with a T-shirt and jokingly screams "Fuck! That! Shit!" right before starting the intro to the first chorus.

(1997-10-19) (1.2M)

(1998-06-27) (16.1M)

(1998-12-03) Watchtower Intro Only (1.9M)

(1998-12-03) (25.6M)

(2000-07-25) All Along The Watchtower with Ben Harper (12.5M)

(2004-09-05) Stefan Intro to Watchtower (8.8M) 

(2004-09-05) (16.3M)

(2005-06-07) Watchtower Intro (2.7M) - prelude featuring Stefan and Robert

(2005-06-07) (9.6M)

(2005-06-13) (9.6M)

(2005-06-26) (20.3M)

(2005-07-31) (21.3M)

(2006-09-03) All Along The Watchtower.mp3 (15M)

(2006-09-09) with Robert Randolph (13M) - Includes Stefan/Robert Randolph intro.

(2006-12-16) (dave solo) (15.2M) - with Govt' Mule and Branford Marsalis on Saxophone. Jazzy version. Available for download from Gov't Mule's

(2007-09-02) (10.3M) - with Robert Randolph on Steel Pedal Guitar.Direct intro

(2007-11-13) with Robert Randolph (20.6M) - Includes "Smooth Criminal" interpolation by Robert.

(2007-11-15) with Robert Randolph (25M) -with Intro

(2008-08-31) (14.9M) - Tim Reynolds on guitar; Jeff Coffin on Sax; Stairway to Heaven solo interpolation

(2009-04-17) (13.8M) - Tim Reynolds "Stairway to Heaven" interpolation

(2009-04-22) (15.9M) -"Stairway to Heaven" solo (Tim) with some lyrics (Dave)

(2009-05-02) (17M) - Stairway to Heaven interpolation (Tim and horns)

(2009-06-19) (15.7M) -Stairway to Heaven interpolation including vocals

(2009-08-29) (23.2M) - with Robert Randolph on Steel Pedal Guitar; "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" interpolation

(2010-07-17) Stefan Intro into Watchtower (9.6M) 

(2010-07-17) (15M) 

(2010-09-04) with Ben Harper (18.4M) - includes Ben Harper prelude; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly interpolation

(2012-06-22) with Gary Clark Jr. (16.1M)

(2012-07-06) (13.3M) - with Stefan Star Spangled Banner intro

(2013-09-07) (20.3M) - with Gary Clark Jr. on guitar. Stefan and Gary intro

(2014-08-31) (7.1M)