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Back To Alexandra (mp3)

This is song by Big Voice Jack, a legendary South African pennywhistle player which he wrote to give vent to his lifelong hatred for guns. How he came into contact with DMB is an interesting story. He was playing at a club in South Africa when Dave was in the audience. Roi had asked Dave to pick up a few pennywhistles while he was visiting South Africa and Dave approached Big Voice Jack after the gig to ask him where he could find them. Big Voice Jack decided to rather give his own whistles to Dave. "I thought that I would never play in a big stadium in America, so I wanted my whistles to be there," says Jack. "So I gave them to him." Jack finally did get to play in a stadium when he guested with DMB on this song on 6.7.98.

(1998-06-07) with Bela Fleck and Big Voice Jack (14.9M) - First and only time played