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Get in Line (mp3)

This forgotten song made its claim to fame during the 1994 Fall tour as a new song that the band played regularly with alternating lyrics. It was played last on New Year's Eve 1994 and never again made a return despite attempts by fans to remind Dave of the song. It was recorded in the "Crash" sessions, but didn't make the final cut (Steve Lillywhite, Oct. 1998).

(1994-07-21) (soundcheck) (3.5M)

(1994-10-08) (13.8M) - first time played

(1994-10-12) (12M)

(1994-10-15) (7M)

(1994-10-26) (10.8M)

(1994-11-08) (9.9M)

(1994-11-17) (10.3M)

(1994-11-19) (10.9M)

(1994-11-20) (10.5M)

(1994-12-31) (9M)