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Long Black Veil (mp3)

This song has been performed by many artists over the years, perhaps most popularly by Johnny Cash. Dave first covered it at a 1999 tribute to Cash and has said that he thinks of it as a Johnny Cash song, though it was neither written nor originally performed by Cash but rather by Lefty Frizzell in 1959.



(1999-04-06) with Emmylou Harris (4M) - first time played; Johnny Cash Tribute

(1999-05-02) (10.2M) - first time played full band; first time played within an encore

(1999-06-03) #40 into Long Black Veil (14.7M)

(2000-07-12) with Steve Wilson on Saxophone (10.9M)

(2000-09-04) with Emmylou Harris & Bela Fleck (4M)

(2001-07-27) (22M)

(2001-07-30) (23.6M)

(2001-08-26) (16.9M)

(2002-07-17) (dave solo) (5.4M)

(2003-03-23) (dave & tim) (9M) - first time Dave and Tim

(2003-11-07) with Emmylou Harris (with intro) (7.8M) - dave & friends

(2006-12-16) (dave solo) (10.4M) - with Mickey Raphael (harmonica) Warren Haynes on acoustic guitar; first chorus skipped

(2008-06-06) (13.9M) - no horns until the jam

(2010-11-20) (9.9M)

(2013-06-15) (10.1M) 

(2013-07-19) (7.9M) with Carlos Malta on Flute/Saxophone

(2013-07-24) (8.9M)

(2014-07-04) (12M) - with Lovely Ladies

(2014-07-18) (14M) - with Lovely Ladies