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Rapunzel (mp3)

(1994-11-29) (11.2M) - first time played; instrumental only

(1998-04-18) (12.7M)- first updated performance

(1998-10-30) with Greg Howard (15.3M)

(1998-11-05) with Tim Reynolds (15M)

(1998-12-13) (20.9M) - Dave messes up lyrics (he sings the extended second verse during the first verse) and song completely breaks down into a train wreck, leading into a lengthy improv jam. After this improv jam, the band then returns to the last verse and outro

(1999-01-20) (dave & tim) (5.3M)

(1999-09-11) (15M)

(2000-08-27) (15.2M)

(2002-04-10) (19.9M)

(2003-08-25) (14.7M)

(2004-06-26) (27.2M) - "Land of a Thousand Dances" interpolation by LeRoi during his outro solo

(2005-07-23) Pantala Naga Pampa > Rapunzel (14.6M)

(2005-12-13) (12.2M)

(2005-12-15) Pantala Naga Pampa > Rapunzel (13.3M)

(2006-08-06) (17.2M)

(2008-08-01) (12.3M)

(2009-04-26) (12.8M)

(2009-05-05) (15.8M)

(2010-07-14) (17.5M)