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Spotlight (mp3)

Spotlight was played fairly often in the band's early years but will likely never be played again. Dave has several times expressed his dislike of the song, saying that if it were something other than a song, it would be a turd.

(1991-10-22) (9.2M) - jokingly referred to as "The Song That has No Name #2"

(1992-10-14) (11.9M)

(1992-12-22) (7.8M)

(1992-12-29) Spotlight Intro (4.3M) - Dave/Peter prelude

(1992-12-29) (11M)

(1993-01-20) (11M)

(1993-01-27) (11M) - first time played as an opener

(1993-04-02) (10.7M)