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LeRoi Moore

LeRoi Holloway Moore made the sweet sound of any woodwind instrument that he had in his had feel like a calm summer breeze. For many summers’, DMB fans had the great pleasure of listening to LeRoi’s craft.

LeRoi, notably known for founding Dave Matthews Band, arranging and writing lyrics to many of the early DMB songs also had main stay years previously with good friends John D’Earth, Dawn Thompson, and the great Carter Beauford (whom grew up with LeRoi).

Moore studied tenor saxophone in college, but as we have seen on stage, LeRoi is an accomplished musician which he blended into the Dave Matthews Band framework quite well. He play many instruments like the bass, baritone, alto and soprano saxophones as well as the flute, bass clarinet, penny whistle, and the oboe.

LeRoi Moore had a pure, soulful sound. Clear and crisp with a knack for playing music within a moment. His interpolations and improvisations go unmatched and with thanks to taped live recordings we can cherish LeRoi’s craft for many years to come.

We speak in the past tense, sadly because LeRoi Moore passed away on August 19, 2008 due to serious injuries from an ATV accident which took place on his farm outside Charlottesville, VA on June 30th, 2008. was deeply saddened by this news as was everyone in the whole DMB community. Still today it is hard to believe LeRoi is not walking out on stage standing next to Fonz, blowing into that horn which has given DMB some of the uniqueness they are known for.

Dave Matthews was quoted at the time of his funeral:

Roi loved people,” said Matthews, “but he had the hardest time loving himself, and that was the most difficult thing about being his friend for me, watching him torture himself.” Matthews said the 46-year-old Moore was “a good soul, but he was a tortured soul. But he loved his family and he loved his friends. He was finding himself, finding the light inside himself, and it was shining more than it had for a very long time.” Matthews credited Moore's fiancée, Lisa Bean, for his newfound happiness. “I believe her unwavering love for him,” Matthews said, “and her willingness to stand in front of him, as he was reluctant to love himself, and insisted on it, caused him to eventually see the light. It was so bright,” Matthews continued, “that we could all see it so much all of the time, when he would put that horn in his mouth and make the most astonishingly honest music that could knock you over, and it would sink right to the middle of you.”

What comes after such a loss is grief, and we all deal with that differently. We all have to admire the band’s attitude and perseverance through what was clearly a very difficult time. Life would not and is not what is without struggle. The journey continues for Dave Matthews Band and for the fans.

If you get nostalgic, turn on some old DMB, preferably early 90’s and listen to the sweet sounds of DMB and LeRoi Moore.