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Robert Randolph Keeps Rocking On 'Colorblind'

July 28, 2006 

Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

072806.jpgRobert Randolph & the Family Band will return on Sept. 26 with their sophomore album, "Colorblind." As previously reported, the Warner Bros. set features collaborations with Eric Clapton on a cover of the Byrds' "Jesus Is Just Alright With Me" and Dave Matthews and Leroi Moore on "Love Is the Only Way."

"Stronger" is a duet with Leela James penned by songwriter Steve McEwan. Other contributors include producer Mark Batson, gospel songwriter Tommy Sims and studio musician Jeff Trott.

"We're going to give people something totally different than what's really out there now," Randolph told earlier this year. "If you ever listen to an old Zeppelin record, those guys are just writing songs. They don't really care if it's going to fit in rock, blues or R&B. That's what we're trying to do."

Presently on tour with the Black Crowes and Drive-By Truckers, Randolph and company will join Dave Matthews Band next month for a handful of support slots.

Here is the track list for "Colorblind":

"Ain't Nothing Wrong With That"
"Deliver Me"
"Jesus Is Just Alright With Me" featuring Eric Clapton
"Stronger" featuring Leela James
"Thrill of It"
"Love Is the Only Way" featuring Dave Matthews and Leroi Moore
"Thankful N' Thoughtful"


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