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Find out who gets to hang with DMB

August 14th, 2006


081406.jpgAfter reading stacks upon stacks of hundreds of entries from die-hard Dave Matthews Band fans, we have chosen the winner of two reserved-seat tickets and a rare up-close-and-personal meet-and-greet with Dave and the band: Sarah Brown of Nashville.

We were touched by numerous stories of couples falling in love and walking down the aisle to the sounds of D.M.B. and the tales of how Dave eased the pain of losing loved ones and even how D.M.B. was playing over the speakers in the delivery room.

Sarah shares her life-changing experience that occurred while listing to a D.M.B. song:

"On Jan. 6, 2004, while listening to 'Two Step,' I realized I was content but not happy with my life. I had adopted the motto 'Celebrate we will because life is short but sweet for certain' from the song. I realized I wasn't living this way. I wasn't able to celebrate and embrace the person I had become. On this date, I decided to change the way I live by changing my eating habits and exercising. Starting slowly, I didn't expect much. After a month of healthier eating, I realized I could do it. I also started going to the gym. Armed with an iPod loaded with D.M.B., whenever I didn't want to be at the gym I could put on D.M.B. and my attitude would change. 'Two Step' was always my song of choice. It didn't make the workout any easier, but it sure made it more enjoyable.

"Now, 2½ years later, I have lost 108 pounds (more than I ever imagined!). . . . I am now almost at my goal and I have become a happier person. The way I live my life has changed, as I am now truly celebrating my life."

Congratulations on your new healthier lifestyle, Sarah, and on being our contest winner. You can tell Dave and the band your story when you meet them Wednesday at Starwood


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