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Dave Matthews Band greatest hits compilation is carefully crafted and universally appealing

newsicon.jpgMarch 8th, 2007


bowacover.jpgThe Dave Matthews Band recently released a double-disc, greatest-hits album called "The Best of What's Around." The album consists of one disc that is primarily studio-recorded hits and another of select live tracks.

At first glance, the live disc's eight songs seemed rather meager. But after listening, I realized it isn't just an eight-song disc--there are countless extras, solos and crowd interactions that make this second disc an experience in and of itself.

If there is one thing that makes this collection phenomenal, it would be the thought-out transitions from song to song.

Producers balanced out the album by strategically scattering the most popular songs (such as "Crash Into Me" and "The Space Between") throughout both discs instead of placing them too close together, which would make the album too bold and overwhelming.

Spreading these hits out with songs such as "Rapunzel" in between them not only brings back those less-popular songs, but also gives the listener a break. This appeals to anyone from lifelong DMB fans to someone who has never heard of them and is looking for a change in today's popular music.

The Charlottesville-based band's decision to incorporate folk instruments, such as the fiddle and the harmonica, into an original and modern sound is truly one of a kind.

Though it would have been interesting to see these two discs sold as separate entities, I understand why they are sold as one. The experience given by these discs together can turn just about anyone into a Dave Matthews Band fanatic.

The band's unique sound that leaves nothing to be desired makes this a powerful compilation with universal messages that is truly a work of art.

Becca Fulton is a senior at Massaponax High School.

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