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“It looked for a while like the sheen was wearing off the [sic] The Dave Matthews Band as attendance at the Tuesday night concerts at Trax nightclub was slipping from the 350 range to about 250. But things perked up a bit on Friday, April 24 when the band played to a nearly packed house—about 600 people. Among them was Shannon Worrell, of the now-defunct Paris Match, who climbed onstage for one number.

“Those who came to see the 6-man C-ville band heard such standby numbers as ‘Satellite’ and ‘Two-Step’ and the rest of the rollicking band’s repertoire. Some have speculated that the attendance drop might have come from a lack of new material. ‘We’re working on new songs, but we don’t have anything yet,’ Dave Matthews told Arts Watch recently while walking down Main Street. Maybe the grizzled bandleader, pictured here, is seeking inspiration for new songs.”

“Arts Watch,” April 29, 1992

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