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Get to know fellow DMB fans on Dave Matthews Band's music inspires and moves us all in different ways. Experiences is what it's all about. 

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Greg Bush

Twitter: @lgbush_triplets

How long have you been a DMB fan?: Since 1993

What is your favorite DMB song?: The song that jane likes, #41, Long Black Veil, Grace is Gone - really too many to name

How many concerts have you attended?: 15

What does the music mean to you?: DMB is the only band that ALWAYS puts me in a good mood. The eclectic mix of instruments that oddly seems to go together just hits the right spot every time.

Any special moments you would like to share?: I helped a handicapped friend at a show back in '94 and the handicapped section was the first row. We were the only ones on the row! It was me, my friend with no arms (but he has hands), and the band all jammin together all night. My friend also knew someone with a backstage pass and I got to go back and meet Dave and get his autograph and chat for a minute. I'll never forget it.

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