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Get to know fellow DMB fans on Dave Matthews Band's music inspires and moves us all in different ways. Experiences is what it's all about. 

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don't burn the day... 

Laura Boegemann

Twitter: @lboegemann

How long have you been a DMB fan?: I have been a fan since 2009

What is your favorite DMB song?: Pig, #41, The Space Between, Granny, Where are you going?, Crush, So Right, Everyday, if only, Mercy..just to name a few!

How many concerts have you attended?: I have attended 9 concerts

What does the music mean to you?: I have always listened to music, it has always been a part of my life, but until i finally listened to my younger brother I never heard music like DMB. Their songs make you think about life and how important love is and living life...the reason i love Pig is the lyrics..Don't burn the day...or the space between, just amazing lyrics.

Any special moments you would like to share?: First show my daughter, son and i went to was Citifield, it was magical. I never understood what my brother was trying to explain to me about seeing them and experiencing them, now i try to explain it to other people because there's just nothing like it. We were lucky enough to be in the pit at MSG for our 2nd show, and to be around the people and everyone just feeling the music, its just so great, they are an amazing band and amazing people, love them.


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