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Get to know fellow DMB fans on Dave Matthews Band's music inspires and moves us all in different ways. Experiences is what it's all about. 

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Christine Holmes

Twitter: @Cholmes770

How long have you been a DMB fan?: Since UTTAD.

What is your favorite DMB song?: Stay, Captain, Pig, Best of What's Around, Can't Stop, Diggin a Ditch, Granny, Jimi Thing, Recently, Shake Me Like a Monkey, Spaceman, time Bomb, Dancing Nancies, #41.....all others at various times......

How many concerts have you attended?: 16 - just started in 2009

What does the music mean to you?: Difficult to put into words, but from Lie in Our Graves, "sittin' on top of the world with your legs hang in' free!" Total joy, have to sing every word.

Any special moments you would like to share?: Seeing Dave for the first time with my 18 year old son in Boston and watching him, a normally quiet kid, sing Don't Drink the Water with wild abandon. Seeing him so happy got me hooked on being a fan again and taking a deep dive into the music!

AC caravan with my son and his two friends - it was epic seeing Dave and the band 4x in three days. 

Driving back from Martha's Vineyard with my son one night with the convertible top down, singing at the top of our lungs to our favorites....very special bonding night I will never forget. 

After dragging my 21 year old daughter (a tepid fan at best) to the Life is Good concert in Canton to see the band, her telling me that she LOVES Dave fans - everyone so friendly, down to earth, hearing everyone sing every word to every song. The passion is infectious.


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