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Get to know fellow DMB fans on Dave Matthews Band's music inspires and moves us all in different ways. Experiences is what it's all about. 

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Tim Ehrens

Twitter: @DaNotoriousTIM

How long have you been a DMB fan?: 17+ years

What is your favorite DMB song?: Lie In Our Graves

How many concerts have you attended?: Around 32 and counting.

What does the music mean to you?: DMB was the band that opened my ears up to so many new types of music: jazz, blues, funk, classical, Latin, Celtic and African rhythms, reggae, you name it. They were the first band I was every truly obsessed with and I've followed them throughout the years, seen them in so many concerts and overall just love the entire experience from recorded to live music that they provide.

Any special moments you would like to share?: I remember the first time I ever heard DMB vividly. I was 10 years old and I looked up to my cousin Dan a lot. He's about 6 years older than me and at the time he was a big underground music fan. Lots of ska, punk, chill music, typical college radio scene in the mid-90s. 

I went over his house one day and he said he had to have me hear something. He asked if I had ever heard of Dave Matthews Band. I said I hadn't. He was floored by this. How could I have not even HEARD of this amazing band? He handed me the album "Crash" and told me to listen to it and left me alone.

I put on my headphones, popped the CD in and pressed play. The opening part of "So Much To Say" came on (uh, ooh, egh, ahh, ooo, eee....) and then the guitar kicked in and I remember thinking "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS???!!" The rest is history. I fell in love at that very moment and to this day "Crash" is my favorite DMB album and I will defend it to the death against anyone who says BTCS is better haha. 

17 years and 32+ shows later, I'm still as interested in the band as I was on that day in 1996 and every concert experience is like the first time I ever saw them. FAN FOR LIFE.


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