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(1992-09-30) with Miguel Valdez (19.5M) - Carter hurt his hand, so he only sang backup vocals and played percussion.

(1992-11-03) (5.2M) - time estimated due to cut in recording

(1992-11-03) Griesar Jam_Exodus Intro (9.2M)

(1994-02-25) (17M)

(1995-07-28) with David Ryan Harris (23.7M) - first time played within an encore

(1995-08-23) with David Ryan Harris (25.6M)

(1995-09-01) with David Ryan Harris  (12M)

(1996-05-11) (9.6M) - Dedicated to the spirit of Bob Marley in rememberance of the 15th anniversary of his death

(1998-06-21) with DMB (6.4M) - Dave Matthews Band joins Santana on stage

(2000-12-13) with Warren Haynes (18.6M)

(2005-09-12) (36M) - David CasT, Ivan Neville, Rashawn, Robert Randolph

(2007-10-02) (11.6M) - Butch, Donovan, Rashawn, Rovleta Fraser, Stephen Marley, Ziggy Marley

Everyday (mp3)

Eyes of the World (mp3)