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Dave Matthews Band Joins Facebook!

November 18, 2007


Dave Matthews Band announced recently that they have joined the Facebook community as one of the first featured artists. Their page is growing quickly with over 11,400 fans.

You can find DMB's Facebook page at DMB has also been using Myspace for the last year as another networking medium. The already existing MySpace page can be found at

This seems to be continued evidence of an effort to be fan friendly and reach out and keep us informed and involved with the band. Both the Facebook and MySpace pages contain pictures and music players along with blogs, discussions and comments. The Facebook page has more videos (22) posted, some rare video footage, photos from the archives, song clips, links to products like t-shirts and more! Their MySpace page contains links to purchase and download most Live Trax volumes, and a video player with Stefan’s summer video journal. Both pages have a 40 album discography with track listings.

Whether you are a MySpace fan or Facebook fan, both pages offer information and interaction with our favorite band!