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Shotgun Makes its Return in Hartford, CT

August 6th, 2007

davescreenpic.jpgIt’s only the fourth show of the Dave Matthews Band 2007 summer tour, but it brought back what we’ve all been waiting to hear…Shotgun!

Shotgun first debuted June 10, 2006 at the Post-Gazette Pavilion at Star Lake in Burgettstown, PA. It made its much-awaited return to a setlist last night (08-05-07) in Hartford.

Shotgun was the third song to debut on the 2006 Summer Tour. Played only 12 times last year, it quickly became one of the best-liked new songs of the 2006 tour.

musicicon.jpg Download Mp3s of Shotgun  **(Forum Registration Required)

Dave plays Shotgun on a Veillette soprano 12-string.  The only other song he plays on that guitar is "The Idea of You" and "Falling of the Roof", which has only been played one time. Its first two performances (6-10 and 6-20, 2006) were the main riff repeated in Loving Wings and Proudest Monkey style from start to finish. In Hershey on June 23, 2006, after work in soundchecks, a new intro and outro were played with the core riff remaining to form the meat of the song. While the performance was uncomfortable, the new potential was obvious. Shotgun was absent from setlists, but present at more than a handful of a soundchecks until it finally "re-debuted" on August 16, 2006 in Antioch with a new structure employing the intro and outro, and stayed strong through the rest of the tour.

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