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Sweet Up and Down debuts in Camden, NJ after 7 long years

August 9th, 2007 

suad.jpgDave Matthews Band  continue to brush the dust off old tunes as the 2007 tour is full steam ahead.

"Sweet Up and Down" (SUAD) made it's full band debut in Camden, NJ on Tuesday after being dormant for 2563 days. SUAD was part of the "Lillywhite Sessions" recorded back in the Spring of 2000. After the album was shelved many of these song were later reworked and released on Busted Stuff, while SUAD, JTR and Monkey Man where set aside. "Sweet Up and Down" was played a total of 14 times in 2000, teased once in 2001 and was later played in 2003-04 during the Dave & Friends tour. Even after being played again last night, SUAD still remains one of the rarest songs played live.

musicicon.jpg Download Sweet Up and Down from 08/07/07 & 08/08/07 **(Forum Registration Required)

Just a couple weeks ago before the tour started Stefan Lessard aka (Fonz) asked the fans on the forum, what songs you miss the most. The response was vast as many fans posted thier replies. Blue Water, Sugar Will, Good Good Time and Spoon were among some of the most requested along with many requests for Sweet Up and Down.

It seems that Stefans request for the fans input was taken to heart and every fan in Camden, NJ were very grateful. 

At the start of the tour posted a list of the rarest songs played live. "Sweet Up and Down" ranked 8th on the list. 

Other Unreleased Lillywhite Session tracks

"JTR", another unreleased Lillywhite Sessions track though played frequently in 2000 and 2001, did not see the light of day until just last year at the Jazz Fest on April 29, 2006 and throughout the 06 summer tour.

"Monkey Man" is and still remains the only Lillywhite Sessions song to have never been played live. There are similar familiarities to the riff in the song "So Right" which were borrowed from "Monkey Man".

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