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DMB Live Trax: Volume 11 - 08.29.2000 SPAC, Saratoga Springs, NY


Volume 11 of Dave Matthews Band Live Trax Series will be 08.29.00 - SPAC, Saratoga Springs, NY. This Live Trax is now avaliable for Pre-Order on and will be released on March 25th, 2008.

This Live Trax is the second from 2000, with Live Trax: Volume 3 being the other 2000 show. Volume 11 only being played a couple days after Volume 3. The past two Live Trax releases were current shows, both being from 2007. While fans have been begging for early shows to be released, the 2000 summer tour was a great tour highlighting new songs from the "Lillywhite Sessions" which left many fans wondering "What Happened?", after it was temorarily scraped and "Everyday" was released with none of the new songs from the 2000 tour.  

This show also features "Minarets" which has also been previously released on Warehouse 5: Volume 3 describes this release:

The summer of 2000 found DMB continuing to evolve; each band member was really “coming into their own”, showcasing their individual talents and strengths on stage. Butch Taylor joined DMB during the summer of 2000 and has been performing with Dave Matthews Band ever since! Although the SPAC show occurred towards the end of the summer tour, DMB managed to pull out some real surprises on stage that August evening. 

DMB gained traction immediately with show opener The Stone and didn’t slow down until Grace is Gone, a new song introduced that summer. Digging A Ditch is also a song on the SPAC setlist which debuted during the 2000 summer tour. To the delight of every hardcore DMB fan in the house, noted rarity Minarets was performed. Lie In Our Graves was played and featured spectacular solos by Boyd and Butch. The band teased the first few notes of Too Much after Anyone Seen the Bridge but threw the crowd for a loop when they completely switched gears and launched into an incredible Ants Marching jam. #41 was performed with lots of momentum with LeRoi pulling out all the stops. Lastly, Daniel Lanois’ spirited song The Maker is also a highlight of the 2000 SPAC show. 

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