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Skinny DeVille of Nappy Roots makes a Stolen Away Remix


Skinny DeVille of the Nappy Root recently released an internet only Remix of Dave Matthews Band "Stolen Away on 55th and 3rd", which can be found on the album "Stand Up". The remix is entitled "A Divine Intervention At 55th (Official Stolen Away Remix)"

Internet Single: “A Divine Intervention At 55th” (Official Stolen Away Remix)

Performed By: Skinny DeVille of the Nappy Roots and The Dave Matthews Band

Produced By: Joe Hopp

Additional Production by: Jonathan Hay & Geenome

There have been many different mash-up/remixes of DMB songs floating around the internet. Mash-ups usually consist of two songs combined as one. Click here for some example of past DMB Mash-up's.

On "A Divine Intervention at 55th", Skinny provides his own original lyrics which have not been previously released and rhymes over "Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd."

Nappy Roots was an opener for the Dave Matthews Band during the 2004 Summer Tour. Skinny DeVille mentions what a positive experience it was touring with DMB.

Skinny Deville from Nappy Roots on working with the Dave Matthews Band:

“I was high every hour back then and I have never seen anything like it [touring and performing with the Dave Matthews Band]. People were camped out as if it was a KOA Campground. We did two nights in each city because of the attendance.

I do remember the food was excellent and the beer was cold [backstage with DMB]. They balled out more than the biggest rapper could have. We had 1 bus and they had like 10 black matching buses, with every member of the band having their own bus.

Their set was great and the fans knew damn near every word. For Dave to be as big as he is, he was cool as hell. Laid back and mellow... I thank him for that opportunity. Not many hip-hop acts can say ‘they toured with The Dave Matthews Band’ and rocked it like we did.”

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