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Dave Matthews Band inspires fans in many different ways. Fans have used many different forms of artwork to express their passion for the band. You can see many examples of fan artwork here. The beauty of art and being an artist is that creativity is endless. Baking is one of many art forms and fans have displayed their baking in DMB style. caught up with a couple professional bakers who have made DMB themed cakes and cupcakes. All these artists have made a DMB themed cakes, whether it be for their birthday or just for fun.


Kim has made quite a hobby out of making DMB themed cakes. Read about her inspiration to make DMB cakes.

DBTP:How long does it take to prepare and make a dmb cake?

KIM: Probably a lot longer than it should. It all depends on your colors and detail. The norm is about 4-6 hours, baking time included.

DBTP:What inspired you to start make the cakes?

KIM: Curiosity. Normally...I decorate while jammin to I guess I just decided to see how "sweet" it was to throw the two together. :)

DBTP:Who eats these cakes?

KIM: ME! Just kidding...actually...I can't bring myself to cut one of them. I usually give them to a member of my family or the hubby takes them to work...BUT, thanks to Myspace, I've had a couple of orders for DMB cakes.

DBTP: Which cake is your favorite and/or which one do you think came out the best?

KIM: I don't really have a favorite. I'm just thrilled that I made something and folks could actually tell who it was. :)

Click Here to view more of Kims' DMB Cakes.



Becky owns a cake company called ele cake co based out of Ohio. She has been a DMB for over 13 years and was inspired to make a DMB cake for her 30th Birthday. Becky mentions her excitment of meeting Dave Matthews only 2 days later and had the honor of signing a picture of the cake!

I was even lucky enough to get a photo of my cake autographed by Dave 2 days after my birthday!



Amy displays her works of art in the form of a cup cake. With such great detail and precision she has created quite a few unique and custom cupcakes. Visit her website to view more of her work. Being a DMB fan, she made 3 cupcakes with the letters DMB on them. has since ordered our very own cupcake from cupcakeenvy. Can you guess what it is?

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